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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Obsession......

16 May 2009....
Assalammualaikum and good still morning right?

Kat-Tun!!! My favorite band right now are holding a concert in Japan. They will perform their concert 8 days in rows, non stop! Yesterday is their first day. So, I go to livejournal and read some of the reports from the fans that went to Kat-Tun concert. Most of them say Kat-Tun is extremely good, far better than the past concert! Mouu, I also want to watch it!!

Well, actually the one that I'm looking for is Jin AKanishi solo performance! First we thought that he will perform his song which is Care but Jin already say that he will not perform that song in this concert. So, I really looking forward for his new solo. And then, it turns out that the song is his duet with Crystal Kay! I know Crytal Kay because she is one of the Cartoon Kat-Tun guest and she is really pretty with a strong voice. The reports say the song is in English. Gosh! I bet I will love it!

Overall, Kat-Tun's first day of concert turn out pretty good. Mou,yadda!! Oh God, I'm extremely one of the Kat-Tun's a.k.a Jin's die hard fans. Actually Dong Bang Shin Ki is also my favorite band but then it looks like I'm more obses with Jin, so Kat-Tun come first, then followed by DBSK.

Ah, almost two weeks to go umrah. We don't make any preparations, I mean we not yet pack any clothes or any necessary. So funny. Well, last minute preparations I guess.

Ok, until here. Give you the picture of Kat-Tun!


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