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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time + Me = Totally Mess!!!

Hello everyone! Ok, topic for today is time. Read the title above? Clever boy! Actually i just want to say that i'm not really get along with time. Why? because i can't manage it properly. My sleep times, my study times, my relax times, eating times, play times, all in mess. Your sleep times at night right? But mine is between 1 to 3 am. I don't know why. Maybe i'm so addicted to wireless. Usually, i take a lot of times in one day just for wireless. i try to change it but it's gonna take time. Then, i just eat when i was really really hungry. Beside of that reason, i won't eat but fat still grow in my stomach!!
Study, study, study, study, study.....Just say it to me how many times you want, i'll not study. my principal is, study in last minute. this is my habit since in primary school. Even i'm university students, i'm still in that level. for me, i can't study early because i'll forgot about it in the blink of eyes. Can i say it is my individual path learning? Whateverlah.
Right now i'm in class, accounting class but it is not starting yet. another 1 hour and a half. After this class i will attend my halaqah class, learn how to manage the corpse(pengurusan jenazah) night! Hehehe, so chalenging.
Ok, maybe i will post my writing here. at least i know what i want to post in this blog. So, just look forward for it. Well the writing in Malay of course. My English is totally mess like me, hehehhehe!
Ok, until here. See you again!Ciou!


  1. you were born wit've to admit it..hahaha..

  2. u should follow fitrah alam..
    sleep at nite n not in day light..