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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just mumbling around.....

12 May 2009

Assalammualaikum and good afternoon...
Now is 2125. Just came back after went to some shop because Ayish want to copy something. Wahhh.....!!! I don't know what to do during my time in my own house. Usually, I will sleep when up to 12 am and wake up around 6am to perform the prayer but sometimes I miss it(Subuh prayer). Then, I will take a nap at 6 pm and wake up again at 7:15pm. I always do that. Almost everyday.
I became lazy to update my blog recently. Then, my FRIEND sms me, wrote 'Why don't you update your blog? Don't have any new story?'. Yes, I do have a story but not so interesting. That's why I don't want to write it here. Are you reading this, Intan? You just disturbing my sleep beside Ayish who ask me to drive him to shop.
Ok, my house now in the middle of.....renovation? My mom want to make a new hall in front of the house. The process going well just now. Maybe they can finish it before we go to umrah. Now I excited to see it finish because it looks big and nice. Plus, my mom easily say she want to put an air-cond there with a new set of sofa and bla...bla..bla....But then I'm just speechless. I believe if my mom say like that, she will do it. So, if I say 'Tak payahlah,bu. Dah banyak air-cond dah', it will never stop her. I'm so proud and so admire of my mom. Once she has a strong willing, she stick with it and go for it. Why I can't be like her anyway?
I'm so bengang with the streamyx in my house. Once I'm in the middle of downloading something, the line suddenly jammed and stop right away. Not just once, but each time I surfing the Internet. So tension!!!
Actually there is a petition about Malaysian fans who want DBSK to have a concert here. I'm one of the anticipation fans who want to watch DBSK live. I wonder if the concert manage to do here, I don't know if I afford to buy the ticket but I will give it a try. It is almost impossible to KAT-TUN performs any concert here, don't you think so? Silap haribulan, kena banned terus. KAT-TUN is!!!!!!!! Especially my hubby, Akanishi Jin, heheheh!!
Now I miss UIA a lot. But you already know why. Wireless, yes of course! But sometimes I miss to join any program. It make me free and gain a new experience.
Oh, I'm also feel bad to my friends who actually want to make short sem but they can't make it because of limited of class. I'm shock at first then I think, wah, I might lucky because my friends still in the same period with me and we will meet again at long sem.
Ok, until here. My mom want to use the internet. Have to let her use first, she is my priority.


  1. wut a wonderful world and how lucky we are, rite...ibu is our precious more than every thing..including ayah...hehehe..

  2. weh dah tentula ak baca...ak da wat blog tp xret r nak tukar background..simple2 jer blog ha address
    sudi2la menatap blog ak yg x lawa ni...