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Monday, April 27, 2009

The 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009...3rd Day....

27 April 2009....
Assalammualaikum and gud evening...
Oh My God!! Examination result will come out tomorrow!!! Seriously.....nervous!!!
Ok, Your Highnest, let me continue with my story.....
My team manage to proceed to the double octo. Congratz!!! At double octo, only 32 team left. The list....I don't remember the full list but several team that manage to this level, SMK Seri Puteri, SMAP Kajang A and B, my team, KISAS A and B, Sek. Men. Dato' Abdul Razak and many more.
Before that, this round divide by 2 session, first 16 team will debate for session 1 and then continue by session 2 with the other 16.

After release motion, my team will fight with SDAR(Sek. Men. Dato' Abdul Razak) which is at 4th place in ranking meanwhile my team in ranking is 29th. This time, the release motion will not mention which team will be government or opposition. So, to decide it, we have to use coin and the team who is win can choose either they want to be the government or opposition. My team got government. It looks like boys vs girls because my team is all girls meanwhile the opposition is all boys. I forgot to take any pics here....T-T..But Alhamdulillah my team wins against SDAR. congratz again!!!!

The second release motion, my team against SMS Tengku Muhd Faris Petra B. Sorry if I make a mistake but I think this school from Kelantan. Again, in coin game, my team win, so they decided to maintain the government position. Let see some pics.....

aku tengah jaga masa
Ni aku masa jaga masa...

sms tengku muhd faris petra 1
SMS Tengku Muhd Faris Petra

mrsm taiping vs sms tengku muhd faris petra 1
My team, MRSM Taiping B

aku n rahayu
Tumpang glamer

mrsm taiping vs sms tengku muhd faris petra 3
aku lagi
amalia turn 1
Amalia as Prime Minister

Habibah as Deputy Prime Minister

Liyana turn 1
Liyana as Minister

tpm sms tengku muhd faris petra 2

I thinks that's all. You can see the others in my photobucket files. Just click any pics up there. But here, my team loss. But somehow I feel it is not a fair result but I don't want to talk about it. Just make me more flustered. I panic!! My team cried!! I don't know how to comfort them!! At that time, I just can say 'It's ok. There still have next year. So, try harder next year'..........nice word right?
So, my team stuck in this level and automatically out of the game. I think right now they have fun with their teacher because they say there want to go out this night.
Alrite, today I will stop here. Actually many thinks happen today but I don't want to write it here.
Ok, good night! Wassalam, salam perdebatan!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009...2nd Day...

26 April 2009...
Assalammualaikum and good evening....

So gerammm!! I already write it but then the line is hang!!!! All the word disappeared just like that!!! Oh,God!!!!!!

Ok, today is the end of the 2nd day of the 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009. Still today have 3 round, Round 4, Round 5 and Round 6.Actually geram sangat. So, don't want to write so long. Just short. Round 4 my team meet MRSM Serting and my team won. Next, Round 5 my team opponent is SBPI Gombak A and my team loss and the last one with SMS Johor A and this time my team won..... Some picture to share with...

Round 4 with MRSM Serting...
Taiping B vs Serting 4
Taiping B vs Serting 3
Taiping B vs Serting 2
Taiping B vs Serting 1

Round 5 with SBPI Gombak A....
vs SBPI Gombak A 4
vs SBPI Gombak A 3
vs SBPI Gombak A 2
vs SBPI Gombak A 1

Round 6 with SMS Johor A.......
vs SMS Johor A 1
vs SMS Johor A 1
vs SMS Johor A 1
vs SMS Johor A 1

Random pics, in OR and bla...bla...bla
Ni Intan, Rafidah ngan Aku kat Moot Court

Keadaan dalam OR

Some of the usher guys

Wadi, head Welfare....kesian, letih dia!

Ilyas, Sempoi boy

kat dalam OR lagi........

Ok, so lazy now! Will update it next time, Chiow!! Wassalam!

The 8th Interschool Debating Championship 2009...

25 April 2009.....
Assalammualaikum and gud morning...
This is the end of the day for Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3. Tomorrow, the participants of this debating have to continue it with Round 4, Round 5 and Round 6. This style of debate is called as PowerMatch. Which mean, each team must finished all the six round before proceed it to the next level. PowerMatch based on the team margin. More margin they have, they will get higher ranking. What is Margin? Margin is the differences mark from both team.

Hait, I'm committe welfare but at the same time become an usher to one team which is MRSM Taiping B. So, my job is to lead this team to their right room or in Malay we call it as bilik Sidang. Ah, forgot to tell, my team is Malay debaters. So, I have Habibah, Amalia, Sarah n Liyana but I forgot to ask the other one, he is boy, sorry dik!

In Round 1, they got Sidang 25 n unfortunately, that room is at level 4. They brought one big bag, the pull one. I thought inside it is their clothes. Yeh, maybe they want to change cloth or something but then I realize that bag actually contain their books....not a small book but thick book. And almost all the team brought their large bag together. So, level 4, large bag..........just understand it by yourself. Their opponent a.k.a opposition is Sek Dato' Ahmad Maher B from Kelantan. Beside that, I'm also a timekeeper and make a ring using a bell. First time meh! Alhamdulillah my team win for this round.

After break for maybe only 15 minute, Round 2 started. Same with the Round 1, all the team need to gather in the Moot Court for release motion event. Release Motion is where the organizer will release the opponent for each team, which one is government and opposition and which room will be use. Then, when we, the usher already bring the team at the right place, two team that will face each other have to decide which topic from 3 topic to debate. Ah, forgot again, release motion also came out with the 3 topic of choice for the participants. Both team will be quarantine which mean, no outsider is allowed to help ot give them any information. Only the discussion between 4 debaters for each team. Government usually use the room meanwhile the opposition have to discuss outside the room. So, usher need to alert and make sure their team is not cheated. Only reading materials and online information is allowed to help them.

Ok, back to the topic. My team meet SM Islam Hidayah A and this time my team is opposition and it took place at Sidang 7. For this round, my team lost. But only with a small margin. I think for this round, we finisehd it at 7.30 pm or something.

At 8.30 pm, we gather back at Moot Court for the next release motion. Round 3 my team get Sidang 21 as Government back and the oppossition is SM Sains Seri Puteri. It already 9.40 pm when the debate get started. You can imagine how sleepy I am at that time. But my team really energetic and confident. Alhamdulillah, they win here and congrats Habibah for become the best debater. Ah, the Round 1 I think Amalia and Round 2 my team don't get the best debater.

So, we finished today debate at 10.50 something maybe. Usher have a short briefing before all of us can go back. Fuh! Now is 00.55. So, that's all the report for today. For tomorrow, if I can update again, I will update for the next day debate. So, now gud night and Wassalam.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Know What To Do????

Assalammualaikum and good day!
Now I'm at IIUM. Just return here yesterday. Participate in Inter School Debate as a Welfare Committe. Right now at MOOT COURT Law Department. Have meeting here, so bring along my laptop. Luckily here got wireless. Actually the programme start 24 Apr but for this 3 days, we have to make a preparation. Well, for welfare we don't have to do much work but we have a lot of work during the programme.
hehehhe, every night I can wireless for how many long i want.
Ok, now is time break and today is 22nd Apr. Not doing so much today, just a brief about our job. Not yet decided I will take care which school. They say, what is the most important is you have to know well for each venue because after the participant arrived and know who are their opponent, we as a welfare committe have to rush to send them to the right venue within a time. Fuh, I hope I can make it on that day! Actually we still leak of committe. The school that involved is 200 something but we only have 100 something committe. One committe have to take care one school. We cannot make one committe take care 2 or 3 school. but then, we just wait and see if we manage to increase the number of committe before the programme started.
Alright, I will stop here. Seem like break is end. BYe.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Assalammualaikum and good day! I'm already in my hometown now! Just went back yesterday immediately after my last examination paper. Well, I have to say that I didn't perform the best for my last paper. So sad.....
Ok, emmm, I have to cancel my short semester because I will join my family go to UMRAH! So excited! This is my first time. That's why I don't want to miss it. This morning me, Achik, Atuk and Wan went to Imigration to make a passport. Wow, the service is very good and the workers is really friendly. The truth is, that is also my first time go to Imigration by myself! I mean, I'm the one who have to incharge because have to handle for Atuk and Wan also. It is really good experience, heheheheh!
After finished the passport, six of us, me, Achik, A,ah, Ayish, Atuk and Wan have to take an injection. The funny things is, Ayish, my youngest brother a.k.a youngest siblings cry so hard because he thought the injection may hurt. So, I take it first, followed by Achik, A,ah, Atuk and Wan. Ayish.....emmm....let me say like this, he is so afraid and he cry so hard when it is his turn. So funny! because before that, the clinic burst with baby crying but then, the other patient in that clinic had to hear the crying from 10 years old boy!HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Thanks for the meal! Just finished the dinner, Alhamdulillah. Ah, I forgot to tell something. I own Serena started with this early month because I finished my paper in Wednesday. I don't want to wait until Saturday or Sunday, that's why I borrowed Serena first. Then, after last paper, I drove back to my hometown. Liesa accompanied me because her house not so far from my house. So, two of us went back together. At first I'm worried. Yelah, I didn't remember the way to go back but then Alhamdulillah, here I am now.
Ok, that is some story for today. See you next! Wassalam