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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Don't Know What To Do????

Assalammualaikum and good day!
Now I'm at IIUM. Just return here yesterday. Participate in Inter School Debate as a Welfare Committe. Right now at MOOT COURT Law Department. Have meeting here, so bring along my laptop. Luckily here got wireless. Actually the programme start 24 Apr but for this 3 days, we have to make a preparation. Well, for welfare we don't have to do much work but we have a lot of work during the programme.
hehehhe, every night I can wireless for how many long i want.
Ok, now is time break and today is 22nd Apr. Not doing so much today, just a brief about our job. Not yet decided I will take care which school. They say, what is the most important is you have to know well for each venue because after the participant arrived and know who are their opponent, we as a welfare committe have to rush to send them to the right venue within a time. Fuh, I hope I can make it on that day! Actually we still leak of committe. The school that involved is 200 something but we only have 100 something committe. One committe have to take care one school. We cannot make one committe take care 2 or 3 school. but then, we just wait and see if we manage to increase the number of committe before the programme started.
Alright, I will stop here. Seem like break is end. BYe.


  1. org luar bleh dtg tgk x?
    awk g tlg org wat preparation 2,jgn asyik nk wireless jer..

  2. kalau orang luar tu uda tak tahu lah bleh datang ker tak. Datang masa final lagi gempak kot,hehehe....