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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Look What I Just Bought!!!



I successfully manage to hold/own/buy/whatever word it is.....Dato' Siti Nurhaliza new album, 'ALL YOUR LOVE'! Let me show the picture as a proof..

FINALLY!! CHYEAH!! Ok, as i already own this, i will give my little opinion based on my music interest. I love CT but if the song sound...meh to me, i absolutely will not like it. 
Before i start my mumbling about this album, i wan 2 confess that i actually already download this album for free b4 i buy it. Where? Shh,secret! So, i already listen to all the songs. But luckily the CD price is not too expensive. RM29.90. So, i quickly went 2 near shopping mall and search for CD shop. 

First of all, i wan to comment about the cd and cover. I dun like it honestly coz too colorful? I like her previous cover album (excluded CTKD album) especially Transkripsi and Prasasti Seni. This cover album and other pictures in it does not show her true beauty. So, i kind of dun like it.

Second, all songs in this album actually written n produce by the same person, Christian Alexander and Bryan Bouro. It still have another but these two people name come out in each song as a writer n producer.

Third, let me comment about the songs!! Overall, CT pronunciation in this album is something that i can be proud of. She had done a great job!

1.All Your Love(Give It To Me)
First track in album. Kind of catchy and i addicted with the chorus~Give it to me,Give it to me~. This song is about....kind like u already hav gf/bf but ur gf/bf maybe like to tease/act like they only playing with u. U wan ur gf/bf give all their love only to u...yeah, maybe something like that. No heart broken situation here,hehhehe. Ah, and this song have male voice for rapped. I'm not sure who...might be Christian. (4/5)

2.Nobody Else
At the beginning, the melody kind of similar with Full House OST(korean drama)/might be just me hear like that. Ballad song. Yeah, CT's voice definitely born to sing ballad. Ok, i try to translate the song based on my understanding. This song try to say u like someone and hope that someone also have the same feeling toward u but u might not tell this to that someone. So, u think that if that someone know just how truly u love them, they will definitely won't let u go. And u think only that someone can complete ur life, no one else. This song have repeated word but i believe all the songs in this album almost have the same word repeated. Dun like the repeated word here, ~Over n Over Again~. Might be becoz the word is not too strong to make it keep repeated. Still hav random male voice towards end of song. (3/5)

The melody definitely sounds like common Malay songs to me. At first, i dun like this song but after give it try again, yeah, kind of accepted. Based on the chorus, it show that u wan that someone stay with u even others try to split u and that someone apart. ~Can I cast a spell to keep u here with me~, one of the sentence in the lyric that can be say as my favorite. Emmm..which genre...i'm not sure...RnB maybe... (3/5)

4.All Over Again
I often listen to Korean song. When i listen to this song, the beginning sounds similar to Korean song, title Golden Lady. It sounds similar only at the beginning for both songs. Ok, this songs is not about love. It more to, give a strength kind of song. Like, when u're fall, never give up and climb up again. Also, it mention that u 're not alone and start a new beginning. AGAIN, random male voice. CT's use her high note sometimes in this song. Kind of pop genre...maybe. I'm not a musician! (3/5)

5.I'll Wait Forever
I believe Christian Alexander featuring in it. RnB genre maybe. I LIKE THIS SO MUCH! The melody, lyrics and harmony between Christian n CT. Well, the song means....u and the person u love actually love each other but both of u are with someone else at that time. So, both just wait....till forever? i dun know. The lyric dun write how the story ending... (5/5)

6.Falling In Love
Do i need to explain this? I can only say that CT choose the correct song to make this song as an introduction to her first english album. Catchy! I just knew that CT will used flashmob dance concept for this song MV. I watch it in Utube..the scene is at Bukit Bintang if i'm not mistaken. (5/5)

7.I Cry Out
When i say CT definitely born as ballad singer, please exclude this song. For me, this song sounds very heavy ballad. Yeah, CT voice are awesome here but I'm not liking this song. Heartbroken song....frustrated and hope that the person u love know that nobody love them as much as u do. I read somewhere say that this song similar to Celine Dion genre......yeah, maybe... (2/5)

8.Fight For Love
I read the lyric and actually can imagine how the mv for this song will looks like. Because it talk about fight for love, might be love between man, between animal, country, friends and so on. The mv might show how people stand up and fight for their love. I like it a little bit. (4/5)

9.Stand Up
Another ballad. The lyric write about if u fall, stand up and ur dreams might be heard. Maybe more like when ur heart is broken, just keep walk coz women's strength is love. This is what the lyric said. Emmm...not my favorite... (3/5)

10.Remember You ft Sean Kingston
I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!! Nice collaboration between CT n Sean Kingston but i heard that they record this song separately and just combine it after that. Dun care about that coz this song awesome! Love Sean part. And i actually love how CT dance toward Sean part in her launching album two/three days ago. I watch some fancam in Utube of course. THUMBS UP! (5/5)

My list of favorite in this album:
1. Remember You
2. I'll Wait For You
3. Falling in Love
4. All Your Love
5. Fight For Love
6. Tonight
7. All Over Again
8. Nobody Else
9. Stand Up
10. I Cry

So, as conclusion.....yeah, this album is fine for me. And I think 'Remember You' will make this album sounds promising. Alright, finish mumbling. Remember ok, this is just my opinion as i'm not a musician, only a fans that like to listen to awesome music. Please buy original CD!!

I end my review with Wassalam...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Semester = New Life/New Spirit??


Ok, this is already in second week of my new semester!! CHYEAHH!! InsyaAllah, this semester = final semester. After finishing my practical, now it is time to 'perah otak' for my final year project 2. Supposedly i need to come out with a little development of my group fyp during my practical time but unfortunately, yeah, i can't do that. I'm not a multitasking person?? May-be, maybe bcoz i can do many things in one times only when i love to do it ^_^ Photobucket.
I'm taking approximately 18 credit hours and only get one class for Monday and Wednesday while Tuesday and Thursday i have the rest, which are 1..2.....4 classes! i have 4 classes on Tuesday and Thursday guys! So i'm sleeping beauty on Monday and Wed Photobucket
Back to the topic. So, is New Semester = New Life/New Spirit?? Neeehhh! It equal to this ---> Photobucket or maybe this --->Photobucket. Seriously i'm happy, so much happy to start a new semester! But after started it......Photobucket 'i wan to go home!!!!' . Yeah, i have that feeling now. Hei, it's ok! Coz after all i'm enjoying staying here. IIUM is the best! Well, everyone will say their university is the best right? So, i definitely say, 'IIUM, U'RE ROCKS!!'.
Ah, i just realized that blogspot got a new interface?? Wohoh, every thing started to change. I think recently, facebook also change it interface. It make me 'serabut' to see my own fb especially in right side. Fortunately the bar can be hide. 
JYJ IS BACK!! My lovely Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun!! I'm TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/ whatever the name they own. But after the split, i become...yeah...low profile fans?? I prefer JYJ then current TVXQ but I love all five. JYJ songs, Get Out and In Heaven.....let's go watch it now!!



WAH!! But i really hope five of them will be together again coz they are so much rocks and more awesome as a five! But JIN AKANISHI will always be my bias, forever and ever!

Alrite, let's meet again next time with some random story again! Wassalam!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Salam Aidilfitri 1432H....


Selepas hampir 30 hari kita menjalani ibadah puasa di bulan Ramadan, berjumpa juga kita akhirnya dengan bulan Syawal, pendek citer Raya lah. Hari ini sudah raya yg ke-9. Tahun ni Alhamdulillah cam tahun2 lepas, x semeriah mana tapi terbaik!

Rumah pun dah siap kemas sebelum balik Muar sehari sebelum raya. Kitorang mmg sokmo gitu setiap tahun sbb atuk ngan nenek belah ibu dah x der, so mmg balik Muar sejak tu. Rasanya sejak 17 tahun yg lepas. Sebenarnya mmg dah lupa sepenuhnya saat2 beraya di JB. Serius aku x ingat. Even ada gambarlah juga masa raya kat JB tapi mmg aku x ingat langsung camner perasaan beraya di sana. Tapi apa2 pun, aku adalah sikit memori masa duk umah atuk ngan nenek kat JB. Rumah diorang rumah satu tingkat. Hah, yg tu aku ingat! Sbb setiap kali balik JB, aku ngan family mesti tidur kat tingkat atas dan mengadap tingkap. Masa tu, aku selalu terbayangkan ada hantu muncul kat tingkap tu. Biasalah, bdk2. Then, aku suka main buaian kat depan umah. Tuk Cai(atuk) lak bawa teksi. Teksi dulu yg ada kipas kecik kat dashboard,hehhehe. Dan aku ingat aku suka makan kerepek bawang yg Tuk Aji(nenek) buat. SEDAP!!
Jadi, sehari sebelum raya, aku ngan family ngan Ibu Fizah bertungkus lumus membantu Wan(nenek belah ayah) menyiapkan ketupat, sambal kacang, lodeh, rendang, kari ayam. Tapi tahun ni aku x puas makan ketupat ngan sambal kacang Wan. Nak jaga badan kononnya, hambik ko, dah kempunan!
Yeah, raya tiba! Bila dah siap2 pakai baju lawa2, tibalah masa utk bergambar sebelum proses pengedaran duit raya. Gambar raya tahun ni x berapa umph lah berbanding yg lepas. Cam x der perasaan jer,huhuhu!
Abang aku tu sokmo sangat x nk pandang kamera. Masing2 tidak memberikan kerjasama yg baik, isk,isk,isk!

Hah, nasib baik yg ni lawa. Maklumlah, guna kamera mahal. Masa ni agak kelakar sbb kitorang suruh ibu ngan ayah amikkan gambar. Ayah guna kamera mahal, ibu lak guna kamera digital tapi dua2 x cakap pun '1,2,3' ker, apa ker, tup2 dah kena flash. So, confuse nk tgk kamera yg mana satu.

Bergambar ngan Wan!

Lepas jer bergambar, sesi pengedaran duit raya. Yeah!! Masa yg aku nnti-nntikan! Agak tidak malu yer. Hei, tapi tahun ni mybe tahun terakhir aku diberikan duit raya tau! Kenalah bersungguh-sungguh mengumpulnya. Tapi memang agak happening tahun ni cuma masa tidak mengizinkan. Seminggu raya,lepas tu dah naik keje. Adik aku Ayish plak ada exam UPSR 13 Sept ni (esok lah kan?)
Aku dah pun habis praktikal. Sekarang sudah berada di UIA untuk sem baru. Aku update citer2 lain kat post seterusnyer jer lah. Malas nk menaip skrg. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri semua!