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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Assalammualaikum and morning!

It already 2016!! Time surely pass quickly than i expected. What happen with 2015? Many things happen but will write whatever things that i remember only.

Alhamdulillah, i still get a chance to continue with my life till now. On 19 sep 2015, i got married with my mr right. InsyaAllah he is the one for me till jannah.

I already got 4 anak sedara. 3 boys and 1 girl. On 14 dec 2015, i got my latest anak sedara. Muhammad Afiq. Let me check my anak sedara pictures.

Iyash and Atih. Remember i'm writing about my first anak sedara, my brother first child? Here he is with his brother Atih. He already got a brother.

 This is Adriana. My sister first child. The only girl for now.

Here is the latest one! Afiq! Afiq! Afiq! My sister second child. His small face does looks like his sister when she's born. Probably will look cute like his sister when he grow up.

Then, what else? My job is running as usual. No new project for now. But after getting married, it looks like i'm getting old and more2 tired. Need to eat some supplement again. 
My bias still the same, Jin Akanishi and new one, Huang Zitao, chinese born idol. Tao is former member of EXO. So, just like Jin, Tao is the one who brought me to EXO. However basically i do not care about this group name EXO previously bcoz i'm so into DBSK. After the break, then i pay attention to the other group. And somehow i watch video of Tao in Idol Olympic?? Then from there i started to know EXO. 
Last year, Tao make a decision to leave EXO. And i also make a decision to follow him, hahahha. Tao and Jin hav same spirit animal, panda! And and these two people compose music that really eargasm for me! So, these two will be my bias for now. Still DBSK is my forever favorite.

Ok, will stop here! Meet again mayb....nxt year? Hahahaha! Ciao!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Temu Duga PTD M41..........

Assalammualaikum and good day....

This time post after 5 months hiatus, hahahhaha.... about PTD stand for Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik. I actually forgot to post that i do manage to pass online exam on last 1st November. Thanks to Mr.Google of course!

So, one day after that the result come out and i pass.... O_o... LUCKY!! Then almost like one month, they announce the day for interview which is today 20/12/2014.

First of all, i do not have high expectation for this position because well.... emm.. my general knowledge is my weaknesses. I realize i lack on that. However since i got the opportunity, it's a must to grab and learn so that i know my own level.

Today i wake up a little bit late. 6.30am. I need to ironing my clothes and take a bath. I finish preparing myself around 7.30. Luckily there is no jammed. I arrived around 7.55 something. The place is at Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam. Then, i included a number of candidate like me goes to level 10 to take an exam first. Esei Bahasa Melayu and Esei Bahasa Inggeris. Both paper only got 30 minutes to answer. I got two new friend, Lyng and Suraya. Both are so friendly and we having a good time.

Esei Bahasa Melayu for today need to choose one from two. 1st question is about economy....PASS!! I immediately read 2nd question when i found the word 'economy', hahahha! 2nd question is about sport bring a harmony among community. Yup! Of coz i take no 2! I still want to live and do not wat to suicide yet for choosing question 1, hhhaha! But yeah, even 2nd question sounds easy, i do got brain cram for almost 10 minutes. No idea comeout at all T_T. And my UGLY!!!

Next, Esei Bahasa Inggeris. Two questions also, choose one. 1st question about paradigm in football, discuss it and 2nd question about speed kills that cause accident. Emm... actually i think both is kinda ok but i choose 2nd as i do know much bout football. Hahhaha! OH MY ENGLISH!! I dun care about grammar at all. I only got 30 minutes!!!

After finish both paper, comes BMI test!! O_O !!! What happen with my weight??? What did i eat?? Oh My God!! It's more than i expected T_T. Many though that we need to run, pumping for this physical test but it's actually only check on BMI..... I'm OVERWEIGHT!!

Finish all that, we get down to level 6. My interview time is 4.20pm as state at letter. However they might don't want to delay so who finish BMI first, straight go to interview. I'm not counting but i think we have like 15 groups which each group consist with myb 20 or 25 candidates. So, in my groups i'm the fifth person to interview.

They got a system like u see inside bank. we got a number and wait for our turns. I got interview with Datin Norasmah Samsudin and there is another one panel that i'm not sure who she is. So, when my turns, i go in, sit and Datin start to talk.

She ask me my background education and my current work. Then, she ask me if i have read about leadership and management books. DAMN! I can only answer 'NO'. It better to be honest rather than lie and suddenly need to explain what is leadership...bla...bla... Then she ask about leaders figure that u lookup. I see Tun Dr Mahathir. After that, i got ask but another panel. Surprisingly she ask me why i born at negeri sembilan but grow up at Batu pahat. So, i answer it earnestly. My parents transfer to batu pahat and bla..bla.. Then she ask why my place which is TAMAN SOGA name by 'SOGA'?? OTTTOKEEE!!! I dun know of coz, hahahhaha! Then she ask about my interest, as i answer i like to travel. Then ask bout which country need visa and currency of country.

FINISH!! but honestly i think i will definitely failed. As i realize the questions that i got is like.......LEVEL 1 difficulty,hahahhaha!!

Its a good experience. What i can say is, if you really really wish to be PTD, study hard please. Improve your general knowledge and prepare very2 well. It might be bcoz i dun hav high interest in PTD that i just take it easy without prepare much. so STUDY STUDY STUDY! And another think, the interviewer questions is UNXPECTED. So you dun hav to focus on certain topics. You have to read all. Because it is really unexpected,hahhahah!

That's all about my experience to share. I give an earlier coongratz to anyone who manage to get this position later on.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pembayaran Balik Penuh PTPTN aka LUMPSUM, pandai2 jer wat istilah sendiri..

Assalammualaikum and good afternoon,

Entri hari ni nk bercerita pasal 'kekasih gelap' aku yg ada lah dlm 6 tahun kitorg skandal. Walaupun aku dah bosan dan cuba menamatkan hubungan kitorg lepas aku graduate tapi dia x boleh lepaskan aku dan aku sendiri tak boleh lari dari dia. Sembunyilah sampai ke Antartika pun, dia akan cari aku sampai ke lubang cacing.

Namun, pada tarikh keramat ini, 03/07/2014 bersamaan hari Khamis, ini belum rasmi lagi tapi akan rasmi dlm 3,4 hari lagi, aku akan DIBEBASKAN! Tiada lagi 'kekasih gelap' dalam hidup aku,hahhahahaha!!

Ok lah. Sbnrnya nak bercerita pasal PTPTN. Aku start guna tahun 2008, start aku masuk main campus Gombak sampai aku graduate 2012. Aku dah start byr sebaik sahaja aku dpt kerje. Aku ni pembayar yg setia yer. Alhamdulillah, aku dah selesaikan urusan pembayaran balik penuh pagi tadi. So, nk kongsi pengalaman camner aku buat bayaran penuh.

Aku x tahu nk wat byrn penuh dengan cara yg macamana. So, aku pun buka icare PTPTN and dengan rajin dan ayat yg berbunga-bungaan, aku bertanyalah perihal tersebut. Hari yg sama rasanyer dia membalas persoalan aku. Aku disuruh isi borang yg dipanggil Borang Permohonan Baki Pinjaman (Individu) Online. Bleh isi kat website ni, PTPTN nyer borang. Then click kat no.14. Kalo time korg baca ni, borang tu bukan no.14, maksudnyer korg mmg dah ketinggalan sebatu lah kat belakang.

Selepas aku berjaya mendapat wang utk pembayaran balik,aku pun isi lah borang ni. Senang jer isi. Kalau x tahu nk isi, rajin2 lah call ptptn. Bagi diorg keje sikit dengan menjawab persoalan2 anda. So, bila dah isi, dia akan ke page satu lg, suruh letak IC rasanyer, then barulah dia keluarkan page keterangan tentang baki pinjaman korang. Lebih kurang cam gmbr kat bawah ni.

Then ada dua options utk digunakan. Pertama, faks dan kedua gi kaunter sendiri. Aku ada baca blog sape ntah tulis boleh email. Tapi aku x email lah sbb dia bagi aku dua option jer masa jawab soalan aku kat icare. Oleh sbb aku ni bdk kg, x reti aku nk guna faks (malas nk tanya officemate camner guna faks), so aku pun g ke kaunter ptptn yg terdkt. Putrajaya lah yg paling dekat kat area aku ni. Aku print page baki pinjaman tadi and semalam aku gi putrajaya. Jauh rupanya bangunan Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia. Macam terpinggir sikit dari aliran apa kah... tapi jauh lah juga. Dari tmpt keje aku, dlm 20km. Aku gi sana, bagi page yg aku print, then org kaunter ckp kena tunggu 15-30 min utk process. 'Awak jalan2 lah dulu. dah siap kami call'. Itu lah pesanan diorg. aku nk g jalan mana time pose2 ni. Kalo x pose, bleh gak aku melepak Alamanda. Ko x keje kah,dianah? Hahahha, of course lah keje. Dah lah dtg office awal, letak laptop,buka laptop,pasang lampu meja, tunggu officemate datang, then aku cabut keluar g putrajaya. Masa tu ingat nk tunggu tapi baru 10 saat duduk kat kerusi yg empuk itu, aku dah bosan. Last2 aku keluar, cari stesen minyak. Lepas isi minyak, aku decide, balik lah office dulu. Kalo dia call, tghari nnti amik. Dalam perjalanan balik, dlm 10 km gak ah nk sampai office, org tu call. 'Cik Dianah, borang tu dah siap. cik dianah nk bayar kat kaunter ker?'. Walamak wei! Tgh drive selamba jawab kan? Hahaha. Aku cakap bleh x amik lambat? Dia cakap bleh. Lepas tu dia tanya aku kat luar putrajaya ker dlm putrajaya. Aku cakap aku dah sampai ofc. So, dia cakap, dia bleh emailkan. Alhamdulillah. Senang keje aku. Sampai ofc, aku tunggulah email masuk.


Aku tenung email aku. Tak der pun? Tipu ker? Serius aku x dpt email. Aku pun cam bengang. Ingat nk call PTPTN jap lagi. Lepas tu ntah cmner terpk nk check spam. CLICK. WALA! kat sini rupanyer dia masuk,isk3x. Penat aku tunggu, ko masuk kat spam rupanyer. Sabo jer teman. Kat bawah cth page yg diorg email.

Next aku print ah apa yg dia email kat aku. Tghari tu aku keluar lps solat zhr g Maybank. Isu kan check and bg dia page kat atas ni utk rujukan Maybank. X tunggu lama sangat lah. Bila dah dapat check, aku balik ofc semula.

Keesokkan harinyer aku mengulangi perkara yg sama. Gi office awal, letak laptop, buka laptop, buka lampu meja dan oleh sbb ada dua officemate aku dah sampai, aku cpt2 menghilangkan diri utk ke putrajaya.
Duduk depan kaunter, serahkan check. Org kat kaunter tu pun buatlah kerje diorg dgn bersungguh-sungguh,hehehhe. Then aku dpt resit rasmi....ngan resit x rasmi kot? Cam bawah ni.

Dia ckp dlm 3,4 hari akan siap process. Nnti dia akan emailkan surat pengesahan bayaran. Aku bleh check kat epay ptptn yg aku selalu guna tapi dia ckp nnti dpt email baru btul2 sah.

YIIEEEHHHHAAAA!!! x sabo nk tunggu 3,4 hari lagi ni. Aku dah x rela meneruskan hubungan yg tidak direstui oleh aku sendiri setelah 6 tahun disampingku. Tapi walau apa2pun, TERIMA KASIH,PTPTN. sbb anda membantu aku dlm pengajian aku sampai aku graduate walaupun anda hanya tanggung yuran pengajian. Duit2 saraan aku kat U dulu, aku guna PAMA.

Hah! nk bgtau satu berita baik lg ni. Aku bakal mendapat 'anak'!!! Aku bg nama dia JacQueFin. Hah! Glamer x glamer. Nnti aku bg gmbr dia bila dia dah sampai kat kg,hehehhe!!

Ok, selamat berpuasa semua. Dan moga entri ini membantu.