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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So happy to be me... ^_^

Assalammualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

How are you guys? It's been a time but not so long since the latest post ^_^. The election already finish and the result already known by everyone. Congratz to the chosen one, continue and strive high to build a better nation. For not chosen one, dun give up. You still can give ur best even without a power. But dun become arrogant n ignorant for not accepted the result. Malaysian already voice and cast their vote. So, it is a result for majority of Malaysian. Let's continue moving forward and maintain our integrity and protect our country.

I'm still the same here. Working 5 days/week as programmer. Nothing big or obvious happen for the time being. My lovely sister already married last March. Congratz sis!!

Ok, and apparently my time will come......soooonnnn..... My relative asking here there, 'Awak bila lg?', 'Dah ada calon x?', 'Orang mana?', and 'bla,bla,bla'. Relaks,relaks. It just past 2 months since my sis wedding, can't you just wait for another year maybe? Honestly it make me quite stress but i need to calm coz it is bad for health! You will aging faster than you thought u know if u stress (just an excuse for me :p). Of course I have always wanna to have my own family just like my bias Jin Akanishi :p. But the time will come insha-Allah, just it is not now.

Do i already talk about my nephew? My first nephew!! His name is Muhammad Firash Hakim bin Mohammed Fadhlan. This little boy is the first grandchild to both my family and my sister in law family. So, we were all excited waiting for this little boy. His birthday on 01/11/2012.
2/3 days...

Almost 7 months already this budak botak,hehehhe

Hisap susu sambil tengok Wall-E... khusyuk btul

x pandang kamera langsung!
He is so cute!! but all babies are cute. Till they get old, the cute will already gone,hahahha! Macam baby2 kat bwh ni. Bila besar dah x comel dah :p 
Top from left: My older brother, my younger sister, my youngest sister
Bottom from left: my older sister, ME!!, my youngest brother and the last one.
He make me want to go to my brother house every week. All bcoz wanted to see his cuteness overloaded!! Blame him for being cute!!

Ok,enough with fangirling my own nephew. I still wonder bout my granddaughter (lol!) a.k.a Jin Akanishi's princess. Wonder what is her name, wonder how he take care of her n bla..bla..bla. Jin's 1st hollywood movie which is 47Ronin might attack Malaysia's cinema 24/25th Dec 2013. However the date may change since this movie have face many trouble, lol! This movie already make it 2nd screening without i'm realizing. Most of the comment kind of give advantage to Jin even he only appear in approximately 20 minute. It is good opportunity to him and i hope others hollywood makers can see his potential. Even actually i prefer Jin Akanishi to sing rather than act. Still, this movie is not my genre. I'm not so historian girl especially Western stuff. I still wonder why they need Keanu Reeves or some white guy to be main actor in japan's history thing. 

What else should I write? I'm lost..... Ok,fine let's stop here first. Thank you for reading everyone! See you in the next post!

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