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Saturday, March 28, 2009 it good or bad?

Assalammualaikum and good day everyone.
Alright, today is 28 March 2009, 8.30 pm. Remember the campaign of Earth Hour? My friends that seat beside me now cannot wait to switch off the lamp, so funny. Ok, the campaign start now. Wow, so dark! but the laptop still on lah.
Actually recently my health is not in a good condition. My throat exteremely dry and get some flu. Hope i will be fine before the final exam. I'm not a person that like to go to clinic if get sick. So, let time heal my sickness.
I don't have any confident as always to face the final exam but still, cannot change this attitude. I already did the first paper which is Halaqah and after this is Tilawah. I need to practice my tajwid and recitation and also the memorization.
Ah, lyck! actually i want to discuss about luck. Last week is the last week of lecturer and my section have group presentation, last quiz and i have to finish my hafazan(memorization of ayat Quran). First luck, group presentation for ICO. In my group have 3 members which is me, Mimi and Mira. I did the report and Mimi did a slide meanwhile we choose Mira to present our project. Just her. But then, we get a good news. Our lecturer say, it's ok if you don't want to present but submit the report and the slide. Wohoh, i'm so relief even i'm not the one who will present it. You're lucky Mira. Second luck, my last memorization. My Ustaz came to class wearing sunglasses. So we are like, 'why he wear sunglasse? and why he ask my class mate that seat in the first row go to the back?' Then we realize that he got eyesore and he will not listen to memorization but still will give us a mark. Huhhuhuu, lucky me! Last luck, in the same day, we have to take the last quiz at night but our tutor say, she will not do any quiz anymore. So, that make me don't want to go to her class. Sorry sis and lucky me again.
However, is it luck, really really good or it make us run away from reality? For me, yes, it make me relief but at the same time, it prevent me from knowing my weakness and strenght. Sometimes, i really need a luck but sometimes, i pray luck is not beside me. I'm lucky girl you know. I've got great family, great parent, nice siblings, good university, good friends, good, good, good in everything (except in studylah yer). Still, i'm an ordinary person that never get enough in what i have. Syukurlah, i still can feel my legs in the ground. Just imagine if Allah take back what He give to me, it is disaster to me. Alhamdulillah, i'm still awake.

Ok, you want luck? It will come if you fit to have it. Ok, Wassalam.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time + Me = Totally Mess!!!

Hello everyone! Ok, topic for today is time. Read the title above? Clever boy! Actually i just want to say that i'm not really get along with time. Why? because i can't manage it properly. My sleep times, my study times, my relax times, eating times, play times, all in mess. Your sleep times at night right? But mine is between 1 to 3 am. I don't know why. Maybe i'm so addicted to wireless. Usually, i take a lot of times in one day just for wireless. i try to change it but it's gonna take time. Then, i just eat when i was really really hungry. Beside of that reason, i won't eat but fat still grow in my stomach!!
Study, study, study, study, study.....Just say it to me how many times you want, i'll not study. my principal is, study in last minute. this is my habit since in primary school. Even i'm university students, i'm still in that level. for me, i can't study early because i'll forgot about it in the blink of eyes. Can i say it is my individual path learning? Whateverlah.
Right now i'm in class, accounting class but it is not starting yet. another 1 hour and a half. After this class i will attend my halaqah class, learn how to manage the corpse(pengurusan jenazah) night! Hehehe, so chalenging.
Ok, maybe i will post my writing here. at least i know what i want to post in this blog. So, just look forward for it. Well the writing in Malay of course. My English is totally mess like me, hehehhehe!
Ok, until here. See you again!Ciou!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing of Owner of This Blog.....

Assalammualaikum and good day....

I will not tell my full name but it enough if you know my name is Dianah but my friends usually called me deekay or dia. Somehow it will be weird if i heard someone call me with my full name,hehheh...Except from my relatives, they called me either uda or dianah. In this case, i would'nt mind. I'm university student and my university is tuuttt...tuttt.... let it be a secret but it is somewhere in Selangor area. Yes, I'm Malaysian. Don't hate me if wrote all my post in English even I have a bad grammar because for me, this is one of the method that I can improve my English beside practicing it in my daily life.
I'm writing this in the morning. I don't have any class in this peaceful morning but have to force myself to go to class in the evening. I'm Japan and Korean fans. For Japan, I enjoying watching their dorama and Kat-tun is my favorite group from Japan. Meanwhile for Korean, mostly I just like to hear their songs because they have a wonderful songs especially from Dong Bang Shin Ki, one of the Korean groups.
I think this is enough for some introduction briefing. Next time, if i have more time, i will post another one.
Wassalam and have a nice day!!