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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing of Owner of This Blog.....

Assalammualaikum and good day....

I will not tell my full name but it enough if you know my name is Dianah but my friends usually called me deekay or dia. Somehow it will be weird if i heard someone call me with my full name,hehheh...Except from my relatives, they called me either uda or dianah. In this case, i would'nt mind. I'm university student and my university is tuuttt...tuttt.... let it be a secret but it is somewhere in Selangor area. Yes, I'm Malaysian. Don't hate me if wrote all my post in English even I have a bad grammar because for me, this is one of the method that I can improve my English beside practicing it in my daily life.
I'm writing this in the morning. I don't have any class in this peaceful morning but have to force myself to go to class in the evening. I'm Japan and Korean fans. For Japan, I enjoying watching their dorama and Kat-tun is my favorite group from Japan. Meanwhile for Korean, mostly I just like to hear their songs because they have a wonderful songs especially from Dong Bang Shin Ki, one of the Korean groups.
I think this is enough for some introduction briefing. Next time, if i have more time, i will post another one.
Wassalam and have a nice day!!

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