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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bertemu lagi Ya Ramadhan....


Nampaknya team bola sepak kita kecundang kepada Spore. But pujian seharusnya dibagi kat Apek yg menjaga gol separuh mati. Walaupun aku bukanlah pakar bola sepak tp sakit jantung dan sakit tekak gak lah masa menyaksikan perlawanan ari tu. Rasa mcm nk baling botol jer kat pemain yg main x betul tp hakikatnya diorang main kat padang tu lg berat tekanannya. So, satu tepukan gemuruh utk diorang. CLAP!CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! Go Harimau Malaya,InsyaAllah rezeki kita ada pada masa akan datang.

Diam x diam, kita bertemu lg wahai bulan Ramadhan. Honestly, aku x pernah amik tahu kalendar hijrah sangat, jadi tup,tup dah nk pose dah. Tahun ni, aku tak dpt berpose kat IIUM sbb masih menjalani praktikal kat sini. X dptlah nk berbuka ramai2 ngan roomate. Dulu ingat lagi, kitorang masak nasi then beli lauk kat cafe. Kat bilik makan ramai2. Meriah sangat. Mmg kenanganlah masa tu. Jadi pose ni, mcm biasalah nasihatnyer ya, jaga percakapan, jaga perbuatan dan buatlah amal byk2. Jgn lupa sembahyang tarawih!! Oh, kena memasak lah bulan pose ni. Kena cari resipi byk2 ni kat internet sbb ayah ngan ibu balik setiap hari. Tak pasti lagi kerja habis kul berapa bulan pose ni. Harap2 x lmbt sangat.

Ah, nk post gak video ni yg sangat comei! Mori mori with SMAP! Funny and cute!

OK. Selamat Berpuasa Semua!!

Diriwayatkan dari Ibnu Abbas ra. ia berkata : Adalah Rasulullah saw. orang yang paling dermawan dan beliau lebih dermawan lagi pada bulan Ramadhan ketika Jibril menemuinya, dan Jibril menemuinya pada setiap malam pada bulan Ramadhan untuk mentadaruskan beliau S.A.W. Al-Qur'an dan benar- benar Rasulullah saw. lebih dermawan tentang kebajikan( cepat berbuat kebaikan ) daripada angin yang dikirim.
(HR Al-Bukhary )

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Let's Take a Peek....


Ok, now i would like to share some of my interest and also some of my opinion about certain things happen around myself...

1. Yesterday news,
At least 17 people have been killed in landslides in South Korea, as heavy rain deluged homes and caused chaos across northern areas of the country. Emergency crews said 12 people were killed when a landslide buried a hotel at a mountain resort east of Seoul. Hundreds of rescuers were still digging in a bid to find survivors at the resort, in Chuncheon. Another five people were killed in a district of Seoul. Forecasters say more heavy rain is expected. Disaster officials said most of the victims in Chuncheon were university students who had been doing volunteer work in the area. Hotels, restaurants and coffee shops were wrecked when the landslide occurred just after midnight (1500 GMT Tuesday). One student who survived the landslide told South Korea's Yonhap news agency: "I was sleeping on the second floor of the pension when I heard the thundering sound of a landslide. The stairs collapsed, and I was buried under mud." Officials said two people were still not accounted for at the resort. Hundreds of homes have been flooded in Seoul. The torrential rain has also knocked out mobile phone signals and forced the closure of dozens of roads. (resource link-->

I 'm very grateful to be live here, in Malaysia where at least Malaysia can consider as a safe zone from natural disaster. Of course we would not be 100% safe but still it is smaller effect compare to others. Here, i hope people in Korea be strong and hope the disaster would not last long.
However, i would like to comment. i forgot to save the picture as a proof. This is about Japan and Korea Entertainment. As a Kpop n Jpop fans, we know about Hallyu effect in Japan, means that Korean artist try to evade Japan. When tsunami hit Japan not long time ago, there are some Kpop fans write something rude to Japan. I remember one but this is not exactly as the original statement. It written with this kind of mean, 'I hate Japan bcoz it almost kill Korean singers' which they are in Japan for promotion schedule. This actually coz some roar between Japan and Korea fans. Japan fans reply back with 'Who ask them to come to Japan?'. Japan netizens also make some comment about 2NE1 who delay their promotion and debut single in Japan becoz of the tsunami. The comment sounds like '2NE1 is coward. We here in Japan already experience worst than this but never leave the country but 2NE1 who just feel the disaster for the first time leave Japan as quickly as possible. Then, dun come here anymore'.
They should not take this disaster as a reasons to blame other countries for personal interest especially about entertainment. Even i'm quite bored and annoying when Korean artist keep continue come out with Japan single that hav bad pronunciation. Furthermore, they only remake their songs from Korea to Japan. Absolutely annoying.
Ok, end of first story.

2. Here in my practical place, we just change our office location to the library. Let see how UTHM library looks like....

Basically i'm not so sure but apparently UTHM library might be the largest library in ASEAN? I'm not sure about it. So, our office are in level 5. This library really big. Very comfortable and really really make students want to come to use it. Well, compare to IIUM library, i can say UTHM library is much better but IIUM still my favorite one maaa...Ah, i have around one months more to finish my practical....Ohoh, i'm still not finishing my tasks!! Oh My God!!

3. My favorite all time, Jin Akanishi being spot in new picture that uploaded by director name...@CarlRinsch in twitter. He is 47Ronin director i guess. Jin looks good as always.

MARRY ME JIN!!! (just ignore me ok...)

4. Emmm...about my favorite songs maybe. Couple of songs+MV that i totally fond into it. Check it out!

MBLAQ - Monalisa

I dun immediately listen/watch this single when i first read about the title. MBLAQ is not my favorite. So, i dun really interested about them. But then, my two little sisters suddenly humming ~saranghae,saranghae,saranghanda~ almost each second that make me wonder, what song did this two sing? Then they told me it is Monalisa from MBLAQ. I watch and listen. Surprisingly, i like it. Especially G.O part ~saranghae,saranghae, saranghand~ and Thunder part ~everybody on the left, everybody on the right, everybody-body,e-everybody in the house say la-la~. It catchy and totally love it~


I defnitely dun know why i like this song. This group have this sexy and wild for their image. Their first single which are Dr.Fell Good is also sounds good to me without watch their MV. This group being critics about their too sexy image rather than their voice. They have average voice, not too bad, not too good. I believe all Kpop group for now consists with certain can sing and certain can't sing that usually being used as group face/group frontline. Back to Masquerade, this song really catch my ears when first i listen to it. I dun hav specific favorite tune of music. If it sounds good for my ear, i will like it to death.


Have i write it somewhere about this before? Ok, this is another favorite songs from faizal tahir. alrite i admit that i listen to it when i know Siti featuring in it the ~hey,hey~ part. But when i finish this song, it totally awesome. Faizal Tahir for me one of great male singer in Malaysia. Nobody know him when he is in his previous nasyid group until he appeared in One in a Million program. Although he changed his image drastically, i guess he deserved to make his own choice. The MV is superb even some say it is not appropriate. The mv genius,man!

5. Totally forgot about Harimau Malaya. So, tonight will be 2nd game for Singapore and Malaysia match. Aumm!!Roarrr!! Good luck Harimau Malaya!

Ciao~ Wassalam.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

APM 2011


Hari tu lupa. Tgk APM tapi x dpt tgk speech full dari Siti utk ARTIS SERANTAU PALING POPULAR sbb Astro Ria siaran tergendala Photobucket . La ni jumpa dah kat youtube. Mari tgk!

Sekali ngan performance lah. x nk amik yg masa dia nyanyi ngan jac n melly sbb x best langsung. better kalo bagi sorang satu lagu, x yah nyanyi sama2...

Ok, hari ni nk antar adik balik ke Puncak Alam.Kena drive!PhotobucketPhotobucket

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The King Of Fruit!


Just went back from my kampung. We crazily eat Durian there! Pergh, sedapnyer x terhingga! Until now my breath smell durian,hahahah!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Falling in Love by Siti Nurhaliza

This song is by Malaysia Song Bird, Siti Nurhaliza. I think it is not too exaggerate if i call her as Malaysia Diva. Before, Siti already sing a few English song but nobody really care about it actually bcoz people know her more when she sing in Malay. So, can i say this is the first time Siti promote her English song like she promote her other Malay songs? But this time, Siti take a risk to hav this single to become her first single to debut in it US? i dun remember which country. I love this song bcoz it still hav asian feeling in it with beautiful voice from Siti. Two my favorite singers right know, Jin and Siti really wan to fly higher and achieve their dream. So, good luck to both of them! Let's watch one of Jin's performance too!

Social Network....


Ok, what wan to write today? Today i just sign up in 'Tumblr'. Well, i join it bcoz it looks fun with so many interesting pictures and quotes., i do actually have 4 social network...i guess. First, facebook. Before i have frenster but after that delete n join facebook ---> . After that, I create this blog. I think blogspot is not social network but still it is one of my platform to write anything i wan. Then, 'Twitter' comes along--->!/dkluvaj . I join this becoz of Jin Akanishi of course. Wan to bcome his stalker but until now i still a little bit lose to handle my twitter. Some of twitter function...i dun really know how to use it. Lastly, tumblr---> . Follow this bcoz...just like i write earlier.

Now i hav 4 network, i'm not sure if i can update it regularly since i'm too lazy...very,very lazy. So, what is social network basically? According to Mr.Wiki, social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes", which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types ofinterdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige. It could be one of the method to continue keep in touch with frenz or relative beside SMS. Social network also been created for people to expand their social skill in community. But not many of those people including me understand this purpose. For me instance, when i start my fb and people start to add me, what i do mostly just accept without check their profile first. I continue accept,accept and accept until i dun ever realize my frenz are about 400 people. And then i just realize that among that 400, i believe only quarter of them are really my frenz and relative. The rest, i dun even know why i add them. This happen to me might be bcoz i'm eager to earn so many frenz just like my other frenz who already create their fb account b4 me without even try to check the requester profile. Now i dun know if i should 'reject' my 'frenz' that i dun even know who are they. It good to earn good frenz but in this social network, if they have 10 people in it, only 1/2 actually telling the truth. Others might be wan 2 hav fun or try to show their 'high standard'.
However social network could be the most happiest thing happen in life when we found someone who hav the same interest with us! It totally amazing when we can write and share anything we wan about particular thing that so common to us bcoz in real life, it might hard to found out someone who really respect our interest. We absolutely can face our laptop/computer 24/7 if we found a group that really belong to us. Fuh, indahnya dunia!
But social network is very danger bcoz people easily express their anger, hatred, frustrated or anything bad about something in their social network. The result, others people that read it could be believe it and start to spread a bad rumors. Social network definitely danger when it actually can make people kill themselves. In korea for example, the suicide case among their entertainer mostly bcoz they receive harsh comment, harsh statement from netizens that make them give up their own life. Netizens in Korea really popular with their 'berani mati' statement and extreme with their favorites. Once their favorites/other entertainer do something that looks not good in their eyes, that entertainer will be 'attack' in social network. I just dun understand this netizens thought.
In conclusion, u can hav social network..just as many as u wan but make sure to use it properly. Dun use it just bcoz u want empathy, just bcoz u want an attention, just bcoz u wan to report anything happen to u every single time. I dun hav the right to say bcoz each people hav their own way of handling their social network. So, let's create a peace and harmony social network guys! I'm Loyal Subject of Jin Akanishi! Hehehehe! ^_^