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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Social Network....


Ok, what wan to write today? Today i just sign up in 'Tumblr'. Well, i join it bcoz it looks fun with so many interesting pictures and quotes., i do actually have 4 social network...i guess. First, facebook. Before i have frenster but after that delete n join facebook ---> . After that, I create this blog. I think blogspot is not social network but still it is one of my platform to write anything i wan. Then, 'Twitter' comes along--->!/dkluvaj . I join this becoz of Jin Akanishi of course. Wan to bcome his stalker but until now i still a little bit lose to handle my twitter. Some of twitter function...i dun really know how to use it. Lastly, tumblr---> . Follow this bcoz...just like i write earlier.

Now i hav 4 network, i'm not sure if i can update it regularly since i'm too lazy...very,very lazy. So, what is social network basically? According to Mr.Wiki, social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes", which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types ofinterdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige. It could be one of the method to continue keep in touch with frenz or relative beside SMS. Social network also been created for people to expand their social skill in community. But not many of those people including me understand this purpose. For me instance, when i start my fb and people start to add me, what i do mostly just accept without check their profile first. I continue accept,accept and accept until i dun ever realize my frenz are about 400 people. And then i just realize that among that 400, i believe only quarter of them are really my frenz and relative. The rest, i dun even know why i add them. This happen to me might be bcoz i'm eager to earn so many frenz just like my other frenz who already create their fb account b4 me without even try to check the requester profile. Now i dun know if i should 'reject' my 'frenz' that i dun even know who are they. It good to earn good frenz but in this social network, if they have 10 people in it, only 1/2 actually telling the truth. Others might be wan 2 hav fun or try to show their 'high standard'.
However social network could be the most happiest thing happen in life when we found someone who hav the same interest with us! It totally amazing when we can write and share anything we wan about particular thing that so common to us bcoz in real life, it might hard to found out someone who really respect our interest. We absolutely can face our laptop/computer 24/7 if we found a group that really belong to us. Fuh, indahnya dunia!
But social network is very danger bcoz people easily express their anger, hatred, frustrated or anything bad about something in their social network. The result, others people that read it could be believe it and start to spread a bad rumors. Social network definitely danger when it actually can make people kill themselves. In korea for example, the suicide case among their entertainer mostly bcoz they receive harsh comment, harsh statement from netizens that make them give up their own life. Netizens in Korea really popular with their 'berani mati' statement and extreme with their favorites. Once their favorites/other entertainer do something that looks not good in their eyes, that entertainer will be 'attack' in social network. I just dun understand this netizens thought.
In conclusion, u can hav social network..just as many as u wan but make sure to use it properly. Dun use it just bcoz u want empathy, just bcoz u want an attention, just bcoz u wan to report anything happen to u every single time. I dun hav the right to say bcoz each people hav their own way of handling their social network. So, let's create a peace and harmony social network guys! I'm Loyal Subject of Jin Akanishi! Hehehehe! ^_^


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  1. dk wow..buat essay eik..siap da conclusion lg tuh..cayalah