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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wisdom Word About Love

29 Nov 2009....

Photobucket--Even sunshine burns sometimes.

Photobucket--Chocolate is like a bandaid. It can make your problems feel much better for awhile until it falls off or you run out.

Photobucket--The one who loves you will not make you cry alone at night thinking about him/her. They will be right beside you telling you it will be alright.

Photobucket--My life have taught me one vital thing and that is: I came into this world alone. I shall leave it alone. And, if I have to live in it alone, so be it! I contend to live it in peace with myself.

Photobucket--Kisses are not promises.

Photobucket--Let go of what is gone and hold on to what you have.

Photobucket--You cannot change anybody but yourself so don't try to change your partner. Love him/her as he/she is. You'll get better results.

Photobucket--Love is action; not just a feeling.

Photobucket--Be happy that you are friends rather than cry because that's all you'll ever be?

Photobucket--Immature love says "I love you because I need you". Mature love says "I need you because I love you".

Photobucket--The way to love anything, is to realize it can be lost.

Photobucket--If you want to be successful in life, be a wise. If you want to be successful in love, be foolish.

Photobucket--Some people are like crystal. Pretty to look at, but you can see right through them.

Photobucket--I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

Photobucket--No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry.

Photobucket--Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.

Photobucket--To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

Photobucket--Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.

Photobucket--Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.

Photobucket--Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you.

Photobucket--A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

Photobucket--The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

p/s : I take all these words from some website. I just don't know what should I write here. So, I use this one. Next week is my final exam weeks. So, wish me luck and hope can improve my grade.Photobucket

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love brave! (Sidestory Last)

Cousin : Who is he?
Girl : Old friend *answer with a sad face*
Cousin : Doesn't look like that to me.
Girl : Huh?
Cousin : I can read human body language, you know. Based on your movement, I can
say you love him.
Girl : *get shock and can't say anything*

Cousin : Maa, one point for me!
Girl : *still silent*
Cousin : Let's go now. *reach her hand*
Boy : Wait!!!

The girl and her cousin turn around. The boy push away her cousin so he can stand in front of the girl again.

Boy : I know that is too late to say this. I know that this mean nothing to
you but I want to say it without any regret.
Girl : What are you talking about?

Boy : I love you.
Girl : *get struck for second time* (first time when she saw the boy for the
first time)
Boy : I love you since I look at you. For once, I forget about what I promise
with my friends because I fall in love with you. I know I should not
accepted that challenge to play around with someone heart but if I
don't, I may not meet with you. 'I don't want you to leave.' . I try to
say that word but I'm to coward to admit.
Girl : You love me?
Boy : I'm sorry you have to hear this when you are with your boyfriend. I
just don't know when will I meet with you again.

Cousin : If you think that I'm her boyfriend, you're wrong. I'm her cousin.
Boy : Eih? What?
Girl : *afraid to be scold because lied*
Boy : He is not your boyfriend?
Girl : I'm sorry I lied! I didn't mean to....
Boy : Can I be your boyfriend?
Girl : ok with that? I mean your friends will.....
Boy : Yes or no?
Girl : Yes!

Their love story is now begin. It is not wrong to fight for love and happiness. Although we can't predict the future and the risks is more higher to take place, that is how life is. And nothing in this world can get so easily.

p/s: Yeah! Finish!! Actually I want to express my view about love in the different way. After this I will make another story! Yipaa!! Photobucket

Love is.....only him (Sidestory 2)

This is a story about one girl. She is innocent, humble and quiet. Somehow, with that kind of behavior, not everyone want to be her friends. She dislikes clubbing, parties or anything that can make her forget herself. Easy to say, she is in her own world. She always dream to meet with her prince charming. She hope that her prince charming go to her family florist and take her with him then live happily ever after. Such a dreamy girl. One day, her dream almost become true. One boy appeared in front of her and suddenly say he want to be her friend. She know that she have to think deeply before agree but she did not realize that she already nodded with a happy face. Amazingly their relationship develop in such a short time. Both become closer and she wish to be like this forever. However, her happiness suddenly vanish when she accidently heard the conversation between the boy and his friends. Now, she know that she is actually nothing to him. The boy had been challenged by his friends to get closer to any girl and dump that poor girl after a time. Even the boy try to explain, she could only smile and walk away. When she know that she already alone, she cry so hard. Her first love story already come to end.
It is quite a long time since her last meeting with the boy. In one fine day, she went out with her cousin and meet with him....again...

Boy : Long time no see..
Girl : Same goes here.
you still the same

Boy : I guess, he is your boyfriend.
Girl : *silent before nodded*
I can't easily replace you in my heart...

Boy : He must be a good person..
Girl : He....he is honest person.
.....but still I love you..
Boy : *frown before form a smirk* Yeah, he is more suitable for you.

Girl : How about you?
Did you miss me?
Boy : About what?
Girl : Anything, your girlfriend maybe..
are you going out with someone now?

Boy : Yeah, she's fine..
Girl : Good then. it's good to know you're in a good condition.
so, you already move on. You can breathe without me.
Boy : Are you hope to see me in a bad condition?
Girl : Of course not. You won't be sad just for a simple thing, right
why can't you be sad because I'm not beside you?
Boy : Yeah....

Girl : I should go now. He is waiting for me. Bye.
then, I should move on too...
Boy : Bye..

italic word is girl thought

p/s: still confuse? hehehe, just make it fun.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love is.........only her (Sidestory 1)

This is a story about one boy. He had been challenged by his friends to find one girl and make her fall in love with him. Then, after a time, dump her straight away. A boy accepted without any hesitation. He went to nightclub, parties just to find a suitable victim. One day, out of club and party, he found one girl that catch his eyes. That girl look innocent and humble. He approach her and luck was with him when a girl agree to be his friend. Both are happy whenever they are together till a boy forgotten about the challenge. After one month, the secret finally revealed. The girl finally found out. The boy try hard to explain but that girl just smile and walk away. Neither one of them contact each other after that. The boy finally realize, he is the one who is falling in love and get dump. In one fine day, the boy saw that girl with other boy,

Boy : Long time no see..
i miss u so much...
Girl : Same goes here.

Boy : I guess, he is your boyfriend.
what is your relationship with him?
Girl : *silent before nodded*

Boy : He must be a good person..
what is so special about him?
Girl : He....he is honest person.

Boy : *frown before form a smirk* Yeah, he is more suitable for you.
I'm sorry for not be honest.....I'm sorry

Girl : How about you?
Boy : About what?
Are you worried about me?

Girl : Anything, your girlfriend maybe..
Boy : Yeah, she's fine..
.......and happy without me..

Girl : Good then. it's good to know you're in a good condition.
Boy : Are you hope to see me in a bad condition?
....because I lied to you?
Girl : Of course not. You won't be sad just for a simple thing, right?
Boy : Yeah....
not true!! To think that I'm not the one who stand next to you now, it broke my

Girl : I should go now. He is waiting for me. Bye.
Boy : Bye..
No! Please don't go....
-->>word in italic is boy thought...

p/s: confuse? just some out from my mind, I don't know why, hehehhe...Photobucket

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tribute to Ustaz Asri Ibrahim.....

15 Oct 2009.....

First of all, Al-Fatihah for Ustaz Asri from Rabbani.

Last Tuesday night, I had a chance to go to concert as a tribute to Ustaz Asri. Many nasyid artist were involved such as Raihan, Rabbani, Hijjaz, In-Team, Saujana, Far-East, Syifa' and etc. Honestly I'm not a nasyid fans so I can't remember the members name except Raihan because I already familiar with them since I was kid. So, at 8 pm, I went with Intan and Alifah to CAC. Dress nicely, black baju kurung. At first I want to wear selendang outside of my tudung but then it seem not look too nice, so I decided to just wear a tudung as usual. I was excited even I'm not big fans of nasyid. Then, the opening ceremony started with one group, I don't have any idea what group is that but I think they are IIUM student, sang 'Di mana kan ku cari ganti'. However the one that I like the most was the group that play the percussion. How should I explain this? You know tabla, gendang, that usually use in nasyid performance? Hah, actually I like that want. The music that they play really......I can't say it by word but you can say that it can make my body move with the rythym. Well, I still love traditional instrument though.

The concert started. I'm sorry because I can't list all the songs since I don't familiar with it. Whenever one group finished their performance, they show the slide about arwah Ustaz Asri. Actually, I have something want to share here. When I went to umrah for the first time, last June, I saw him. Well, it is not me who is notice his present, it is my mother. I'm not Rabbani fans, so when I saw him and his friends at the money changer beside the hotel where I stay, I just say...'ooo'. My bad for not greet him at that time. Somehow I didn't notice this will happen. Just like my arwah atuk. I though that he will be fine after we sent him to hospital but then......Allah love him more than us. Same goes to arwah Ustaz Asri. I cry again at that concert because it make me remember back what happen in Makkah. I regret not to take care arwah atuk and I regret also because act arrogant and don't greet arwah Ustaz Asri........
Then, let me share some picture......
This is how it looks like inside CAC.
IIUM night view.... the conclusion that I have here, once you get a chance, don't ignore it and think that you still get a same chance next time because it may become your first and the last chance. Thanks for reading and wassalam.....Photobucket

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Antara Dua Dunia Bahagian 5

“Suria Dahlia binti Daim. Pelajar tahun 3 BBA. Umur 24 tahun. Actually dia tak datang kelas sejak seminggu yang lalu tetapi dia ada alasan. Dia minta study leave untuk ke Australia sebab dia dapat tawaran menghadiri satu sidang kat sana yang berkaitan dengan jurusan dia selama seminggu. Mungkin sebab itu orang tak perasan tentang kehilangan dia,” tutur Ira yang berjaya memperolehi maklumat yang berkaitan hanya berdasarkan nama.

“Bila tarikh dia sepatutnya balik?” aku mengajukan soalan.

“Supposely today,” jawab Ira.

“Tapikan takkanlah keluarga dia atau member-member dia tak berasa pelik dia tak contact langsung selama dia ada kat Australia? Lagipun, macamana kita nak beritahu yang dia sebenarnya dah mati?” Naima memberikan pandangannya.

“Sorry but for your information, she is orphan. Dia tak ada sesiapa. Lucky her for being smart sebab dia dapat biasiswa,” Ira menambahkan maklumat.

“Siapa yang bagi tawaran Australia tu kat dia?” soal aku mencuba nasib.

“Well…kejap,” Ira menghadap laptopnya kembali dan rancak menaip. “Emmm, I don’t know. Tapi sekarang bukan masanya untuk tahu semua tu. Kita kena cari mayat dia supaya dia dapat dikebumikan dengan sempurna,” Ira menyambung kerana tidak berjaya mendapatkan sebarang maklumat.

“Aku tahu kita kena cari mayat tu tapi macamana? I mean, takkan kita nak gali sendiri then beritahu polis? Kalau diorang tanya, kita nak jawab apa? Mayat tu mangsa pembunuhan kau tahu tak. Silap-silap haribulan, kita pula yang jadi suspek,” celah Naima.

Aku mengusap dagu. Kata-kata Naima ada kebenarannya. Walaupun kami tahu di mana lokasi mayat Suria, kami tidak boleh bertindak sendiri. Kami perlukan lakukan sesuatu agar perkara ini sampai kepada pengetahuan polis secepat yang mungkin tanpa menyebabkan tindakan kami diragui.

“Kalau macam tu, kita kena jadi ‘kawan’ dia dan pergi ke balai polis esok” cadang aku.



“Awak kata kawan awak hilang sejak seminggu yang lalu?” seorang inspector yang memakai tag nama sebagai Azam Khuzaimi menyoal empat gadis yang duduk di hadapannya sekarang.

“YA!” Iman, Naima, Ira dan aku menjawab serentak. Kami berempat masing-masing berasa cemas. Ini adalah kali pertama kami memasuki balai polis dan tambahan pula dengan identity palsu. Iman memakai rambut palsu, Naima menampal tahi lalat palsu di wajahnya, Ira memakai topeng dengan alasan dia sedang menghadapi batuk-batuk sementara aku memakai cermin mata itam besar bersama-sama dengan topi. Mungkin inspector polis itu berasa pelik dengan penampilan kami tetapi kami perlu terus berlakon sehingga ke penamat.

“Siapa nama kawan kamu tu?” Azam bertanya dan sudah bersedia untuk mencatit isi-isi penting.

“Suria…Suria Dahlia binti Daim,” jawab Ira.

“Umur? Bagi tarikh lahir dia terus,” arah Azam.

“…….” Ira menggerakkan mulutnya tetapi tiada sepatah kata pun yang keluar. Iman, Naima dan aku lantas memandangnya dengan tanda tanya.

“Aku lupa nak check ic dia,” bisik Ira yang hanya didengari oleh kami bertiga.


Azam mendongak melihat kami. Serta merta kami berlagak tiada apa-apa yang berlaku.

“So? Hari jadi dia?” Azam mengulangi pertanyaannya. Untuk menyelamatkan keadaan, aku segera bangkit.

tahu yangnamakawankamitakadadalamsenaraidankamibetul-betulrisaukandiasebabdiatakada
sesiapadalam dunianitapiencikpulanakmenyoalsemuaniencikfahamtakperasaankamisekarang

Aku segera menarik nafas panjang selepas berjaya menuturkan kata-kata tanpa henti. Kelakuan aku tadi telah membuatkan bukan sahaja Azam, malah Iman, Naima dan Ira turut terkebil-kebil melihatku. Aku sebenarnya telah membuatkan atmosfera di dalam bilik itu bertambah janggal. Sebelum ianya menjadi lebih teruk, aku duduk kembali dan mendiamkan diri.

“Ok, saya faham perasaan awak semua. Tapi kalau saya tak dapat apa-apa maklumat, macamana saya nak cari kawan awak tu?” terang Azam yang berharap kami memahami prosedur yang sudah ditetapkan.

“Dia kena bunuh,” lidahku pantas bergerak.


“Kirana!” Iman, Ira dan Naima tersentak dengan tindakan aku yang diluar jangkaan itu.

matidibunuh!” sekali lagi aku tidak meletakkan sebarang titik nokhtah di dalam ayatku.

“Woah, slow down miss! I cannot catch up anything. Terangkan perlahan-lahan,” Azam sudahpun menolak sebarang kertas di atas meja ke tepi dan sekarang dia menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepada aku agar dia dapat memahami apa yang cuba disampaikan oleh aku.

“I have a six sense,” ini kali pertama aku membuka rahsiaku di hadapan orang yang baru aku kenali dalam masa beberapa minit sahaja. Azam merenungku tanpa sebarang reaksi. Jauh di sudut hati, aku hanya dapat berdoa agar kami tidak didakwa mempermainkan pihak berkuasa.

“Then you see this Suria?” Azam bersuara kembali. Walaupun aku tidak memastikan sama ada Azam mempercayaiku atau tidak, aku teruskan sahaja menjawab soalannya.

“Yes dan saya tahu di mana mayat dia,” jawab aku serba salah. Aku sempat memandang tiga rakanku. Kalau aku tahu begini jadinya, aku sepatutnya datang ke balai polis seorang diri. Aku sudah menyusahkan mereka. Rasanya lebih baik libatkan aku seorang sahaja daripada melibatkan kami berempat sekaligus.

“Still, I need her information,” Azam begitu tegas dan tetap ingin mendapatkan maklumat mengenai Suria. Itu membuatkan aku berasa geram secara tiba-tiba.

“Beritahu saya, inspector nak terima kenyataan kami ni atau tak?” aku bersuara tegang. Jika Azam sengaja melengahkan masa kami dengan alasan dia tidak mempercayai ceritaku, lebih baik kami beredar dari situ.

“Look, saya kena isi maklumat ni juga. Kalau kami tak dapat maklumat yang sepatutnya, kami tak boleh nak bertindak sesuka-hati even awak tahu mana mayat dia sekalipun,” Azam tetap berdiri kukuh dengan pendiriannya.

“Then, we go. Jom balik,” aku terus berdiri dan diikuti oleh rakan-rakanku yang lain.

“My sister also have a six sense,”

Ayat Azam yang seterusnya telah mematikan niat aku untuk meninggalkan tempat itu. Aku berbalas pandangan dengan Azam. Tiba-tiba hatiku berasa teruja kerana dapat menemui seseorang yang mempunyai kelebihan yang sama seperti aku.

“Sekarang ni zaman moden. Hanya sesetengah orang jer yang masih percayakan benda ni. Kalau betul apa yang awak cakap tadi, saya akan cuba kumpul maklumat. Awak tinggalkan maklumat awak dan saya akan hubungi awak untuk dapatkan lokasi mayat tu bila saya dapat kebenaran,” ujar Azam.

“Betul?!” Ira berasa gembira serta merta. Iman dan Naima menarik nafas lega. Entah kenapa aku berasa sangat gementar ketika itu. Bagaimana kalau semuanya adalah khayalan aku? Bagaimana kalau semuanya adalah tipu semata-mata? Aku sendiri tidak yakin dengan kemampuan aku dan aku takut jika apa yang diharapkan oleh aku tidak menjadi.

“Siapa nama awak?” pertanyaan Azam menyedarkan aku dari lamunan.


P.S: Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pusat Sains Negara.....

06 Oct 2009....

Ok, what story that I want to share today? Correct me if I mistake but today day already 18th days of Raya? Maybe....I'm not sure. Last Sunday, I attend one program, we when to Pusat Sains Negara!! Hahahahah!! I thought that I never went there before but actually I already went there a few years ago.....9 years ago, when I was standard 6. 'Rombongan selepas UPSR', this word more suitable to describe it.

This program had been conducted by Titian Asli Club. Yup, I'm a members but that Sunday is the first time I join their activities. So, some kids from Orang Asli community also join. It is fun there but for someone who is already 21 years old, it is quite boooringg....however I enjoy it with Hayati and Milah(both is from Orang Asli community). I'm shock actually when I just realize that how smart there are. I mean, the level of their knowledge is just the same with others, only that there are from Orang Asli community. I may post some pictures next time because right now I'm in computer lab.
The other pictures I didn't upload it yet. Just these 5 first.
I will update later. See ya! Wasalam Photobucket