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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love brave! (Sidestory Last)

Cousin : Who is he?
Girl : Old friend *answer with a sad face*
Cousin : Doesn't look like that to me.
Girl : Huh?
Cousin : I can read human body language, you know. Based on your movement, I can
say you love him.
Girl : *get shock and can't say anything*

Cousin : Maa, one point for me!
Girl : *still silent*
Cousin : Let's go now. *reach her hand*
Boy : Wait!!!

The girl and her cousin turn around. The boy push away her cousin so he can stand in front of the girl again.

Boy : I know that is too late to say this. I know that this mean nothing to
you but I want to say it without any regret.
Girl : What are you talking about?

Boy : I love you.
Girl : *get struck for second time* (first time when she saw the boy for the
first time)
Boy : I love you since I look at you. For once, I forget about what I promise
with my friends because I fall in love with you. I know I should not
accepted that challenge to play around with someone heart but if I
don't, I may not meet with you. 'I don't want you to leave.' . I try to
say that word but I'm to coward to admit.
Girl : You love me?
Boy : I'm sorry you have to hear this when you are with your boyfriend. I
just don't know when will I meet with you again.

Cousin : If you think that I'm her boyfriend, you're wrong. I'm her cousin.
Boy : Eih? What?
Girl : *afraid to be scold because lied*
Boy : He is not your boyfriend?
Girl : I'm sorry I lied! I didn't mean to....
Boy : Can I be your boyfriend?
Girl : ok with that? I mean your friends will.....
Boy : Yes or no?
Girl : Yes!

Their love story is now begin. It is not wrong to fight for love and happiness. Although we can't predict the future and the risks is more higher to take place, that is how life is. And nothing in this world can get so easily.

p/s: Yeah! Finish!! Actually I want to express my view about love in the different way. After this I will make another story! Yipaa!! Photobucket

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