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Monday, October 19, 2009

Love is.........only her (Sidestory 1)

This is a story about one boy. He had been challenged by his friends to find one girl and make her fall in love with him. Then, after a time, dump her straight away. A boy accepted without any hesitation. He went to nightclub, parties just to find a suitable victim. One day, out of club and party, he found one girl that catch his eyes. That girl look innocent and humble. He approach her and luck was with him when a girl agree to be his friend. Both are happy whenever they are together till a boy forgotten about the challenge. After one month, the secret finally revealed. The girl finally found out. The boy try hard to explain but that girl just smile and walk away. Neither one of them contact each other after that. The boy finally realize, he is the one who is falling in love and get dump. In one fine day, the boy saw that girl with other boy,

Boy : Long time no see..
i miss u so much...
Girl : Same goes here.

Boy : I guess, he is your boyfriend.
what is your relationship with him?
Girl : *silent before nodded*

Boy : He must be a good person..
what is so special about him?
Girl : He....he is honest person.

Boy : *frown before form a smirk* Yeah, he is more suitable for you.
I'm sorry for not be honest.....I'm sorry

Girl : How about you?
Boy : About what?
Are you worried about me?

Girl : Anything, your girlfriend maybe..
Boy : Yeah, she's fine..
.......and happy without me..

Girl : Good then. it's good to know you're in a good condition.
Boy : Are you hope to see me in a bad condition?
....because I lied to you?
Girl : Of course not. You won't be sad just for a simple thing, right?
Boy : Yeah....
not true!! To think that I'm not the one who stand next to you now, it broke my

Girl : I should go now. He is waiting for me. Bye.
Boy : Bye..
No! Please don't go....
-->>word in italic is boy thought...

p/s: confuse? just some out from my mind, I don't know why, hehehhe...Photobucket

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