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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love is.....only him (Sidestory 2)

This is a story about one girl. She is innocent, humble and quiet. Somehow, with that kind of behavior, not everyone want to be her friends. She dislikes clubbing, parties or anything that can make her forget herself. Easy to say, she is in her own world. She always dream to meet with her prince charming. She hope that her prince charming go to her family florist and take her with him then live happily ever after. Such a dreamy girl. One day, her dream almost become true. One boy appeared in front of her and suddenly say he want to be her friend. She know that she have to think deeply before agree but she did not realize that she already nodded with a happy face. Amazingly their relationship develop in such a short time. Both become closer and she wish to be like this forever. However, her happiness suddenly vanish when she accidently heard the conversation between the boy and his friends. Now, she know that she is actually nothing to him. The boy had been challenged by his friends to get closer to any girl and dump that poor girl after a time. Even the boy try to explain, she could only smile and walk away. When she know that she already alone, she cry so hard. Her first love story already come to end.
It is quite a long time since her last meeting with the boy. In one fine day, she went out with her cousin and meet with him....again...

Boy : Long time no see..
Girl : Same goes here.
you still the same

Boy : I guess, he is your boyfriend.
Girl : *silent before nodded*
I can't easily replace you in my heart...

Boy : He must be a good person..
Girl : He....he is honest person.
.....but still I love you..
Boy : *frown before form a smirk* Yeah, he is more suitable for you.

Girl : How about you?
Did you miss me?
Boy : About what?
Girl : Anything, your girlfriend maybe..
are you going out with someone now?

Boy : Yeah, she's fine..
Girl : Good then. it's good to know you're in a good condition.
so, you already move on. You can breathe without me.
Boy : Are you hope to see me in a bad condition?
Girl : Of course not. You won't be sad just for a simple thing, right
why can't you be sad because I'm not beside you?
Boy : Yeah....

Girl : I should go now. He is waiting for me. Bye.
then, I should move on too...
Boy : Bye..

italic word is girl thought

p/s: still confuse? hehehe, just make it fun.

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