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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Semester = New Life/New Spirit??


Ok, this is already in second week of my new semester!! CHYEAHH!! InsyaAllah, this semester = final semester. After finishing my practical, now it is time to 'perah otak' for my final year project 2. Supposedly i need to come out with a little development of my group fyp during my practical time but unfortunately, yeah, i can't do that. I'm not a multitasking person?? May-be, maybe bcoz i can do many things in one times only when i love to do it ^_^ Photobucket.
I'm taking approximately 18 credit hours and only get one class for Monday and Wednesday while Tuesday and Thursday i have the rest, which are 1..2.....4 classes! i have 4 classes on Tuesday and Thursday guys! So i'm sleeping beauty on Monday and Wed Photobucket
Back to the topic. So, is New Semester = New Life/New Spirit?? Neeehhh! It equal to this ---> Photobucket or maybe this --->Photobucket. Seriously i'm happy, so much happy to start a new semester! But after started it......Photobucket 'i wan to go home!!!!' . Yeah, i have that feeling now. Hei, it's ok! Coz after all i'm enjoying staying here. IIUM is the best! Well, everyone will say their university is the best right? So, i definitely say, 'IIUM, U'RE ROCKS!!'.
Ah, i just realized that blogspot got a new interface?? Wohoh, every thing started to change. I think recently, facebook also change it interface. It make me 'serabut' to see my own fb especially in right side. Fortunately the bar can be hide. 
JYJ IS BACK!! My lovely Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun!! I'm TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/ whatever the name they own. But after the split, i become...yeah...low profile fans?? I prefer JYJ then current TVXQ but I love all five. JYJ songs, Get Out and In Heaven.....let's go watch it now!!



WAH!! But i really hope five of them will be together again coz they are so much rocks and more awesome as a five! But JIN AKANISHI will always be my bias, forever and ever!

Alrite, let's meet again next time with some random story again! Wassalam!

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