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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Assalammualaikum and good day! I'm already in my hometown now! Just went back yesterday immediately after my last examination paper. Well, I have to say that I didn't perform the best for my last paper. So sad.....
Ok, emmm, I have to cancel my short semester because I will join my family go to UMRAH! So excited! This is my first time. That's why I don't want to miss it. This morning me, Achik, Atuk and Wan went to Imigration to make a passport. Wow, the service is very good and the workers is really friendly. The truth is, that is also my first time go to Imigration by myself! I mean, I'm the one who have to incharge because have to handle for Atuk and Wan also. It is really good experience, heheheheh!
After finished the passport, six of us, me, Achik, A,ah, Ayish, Atuk and Wan have to take an injection. The funny things is, Ayish, my youngest brother a.k.a youngest siblings cry so hard because he thought the injection may hurt. So, I take it first, followed by Achik, A,ah, Atuk and Wan. Ayish.....emmm....let me say like this, he is so afraid and he cry so hard when it is his turn. So funny! because before that, the clinic burst with baby crying but then, the other patient in that clinic had to hear the crying from 10 years old boy!HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
Thanks for the meal! Just finished the dinner, Alhamdulillah. Ah, I forgot to tell something. I own Serena started with this early month because I finished my paper in Wednesday. I don't want to wait until Saturday or Sunday, that's why I borrowed Serena first. Then, after last paper, I drove back to my hometown. Liesa accompanied me because her house not so far from my house. So, two of us went back together. At first I'm worried. Yelah, I didn't remember the way to go back but then Alhamdulillah, here I am now.
Ok, that is some story for today. See you next! Wassalam

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  1. bangga lh tu...bgs lh adik angah dpt bljr jd lbh independent...
    tp kalo bab jln rasanye uder fail lg kot..huhuhu...