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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fangirling Continue....


Ok, even we are in Ramadan month, my fandom will still continue and continue until i get bored. My gorgeous boy, Jinny a.k.a Jin Akanishi had wrap up party as he might be finish the shooting in England...?? Maybe in England but we dun know if he will go back to Japan to continue shooting there bcoz Keanu Reeves being reported went to Japan this month to shoot his scene in Japan. I miss him so much.....hahahahah! I can't imagine if i say this in front of my future husband....just if i still adore my Jinny at that time.

He is with director-san, Asano-san....the rest i dun know :P

Someone say he is an extra actor.....but whatever it is, he is lucky to take a picture with my Jinny!

I think i should tell about my fandom clearly. At the end of 2007, I get to watch Gokusen 2 which Jin as one of the main character. His character name 'Yabuki Hayato', a delinquent student apart with 4 other actors. When i watched this drama, Hayato really captured my interest. He is good looking and really bad boy. He play a role as a leader who supposedly be cool but he looks cool only in early episode, i think episode 1 and 2. After that episode, he turn out to be such a baka and cute leader! I really have fun watched his character. Then, i try to search for his detail and turn out to be JIN AKANISHI which are also one of KAT-TUN' members. KAT-TUN is JE group and consists with six members. The name itself is from each members initial name. K-Kamenashi, A-Akanishi, T--Taguchi, -T-Tanaka, U-Ueda, and N-Nakamaru. At that time i know them, i just knew that Jinny just come back from LA bcoz he pursuit his study in English and leave Japan and KAT-TUN for six months. So, basically, i know Jin Akanishi after he went back from LA. I do like his group too which are KAT-TUN but I love Jin Akanishi ONLY. I can like KAT-TUN as 6 members but can't like them as 5 members just right now bcoz of Jinny became a soloist.
Jin Akanishi is being known as 'black mole' in KAT-TUN bcoz of some trouble that he make it. However, i dun see hanging out with foreign friends or hav a female friends as a trouble. It just that Japan media make it looks like very bad when it comes to Jinny. I know Jin like party, drunk and too obses with Western but i dun hav a problem with that bcoz he is Jin. I like him bcoz of his talent, not bcoz of his lifestyle.
For me, i never seen an honest entertainer like Jinny. Why? Bcoz he is so obvious! When he dun like something, we can see how he show his bad mood in front of camera. I know people will claim 'he is unprofessional' but at least we know that he dun like it! Compare to certain entertainer that fake a smile or even fake their happiness only to fill their fans expectation. They look so fake! In my prospective as a fans, i wan my favorite singer be happy from their bottom of heart. i dun wan they feel they hav to do this, they hav to do that just bcoz it is their work. An entertainer should be happy and do whatever they wan without hav to think what others will say. So, becoz of that, Jinny stay become my favorite entertainer.

Jinny smile is the most happiest things happen in my life bcoz it is so rarely to see Jin smiling! That's why, Jin's fans never say 'no' to whatever thing he wan to do. He wan to go solo, we gladly accept it bcoz Jin is an amazing as soloist. He wan to conquer USA, we as fans will continue support and pray for him. He wish to make it in Hollywood, we are so excited when he get to act in 47Ronin. He is now in his own. He is freely to do anything he wan and i'm gladly bless him. But i wish he will find a fine woman that can support his carrier and fulfill his wish to have a family.

Jinny also create songs that really suit with my taste. Emm....i really like his songs! really! not bcoz he is Jin but bcoz the songs sounds great in my ears! But they are certain songs by him that dun sounds appeal to me.
Why dun listen to couple of songs by him? I personally love this one!
Tipsy Love

My favorite ballad song...
Body Talk

I already post this. My favorite party song...

Another party songs? But the title actually one of the whisky name...

First song i like when he do first solo concert in Japan....
Bass Go Boom

My favorite all time....

Uik, how long is this? I stop here. Ramadan still Ramadan but fangirling will still continue....Cyeahh!!


  1. teringt dlu..duk brebut gn kwn..nk jdkn akanishi jin sbg pakwe...huhu..rse nk hantuk pala je bla trigt blik...

  2. @aku
    hahahha,loh. nnti bila dah x minat, sama lah kita nanti tp yg bezanya x der sape nk rebut jin ngan saya,huhuhu!