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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan...

25 August 2009,
Yeah, it is fasting month now! Already day fourth? Wahh, how quickly the time flow away actually? Just in a blink of eyes, we will realize that Eid-ul-Fitr will come soon. Now.....where am I? Photobucket FQA class? Ah, yeah, FQA class. It is great that I don't fell hungry as always since the Ramadhan started. Maybe I eat to much at Sahur? Seriously today Sahur....I eat too much!! Tom yam, telur bungkus, sayur kailan and ikan. All of it actually one person meal but four of us eat together and the funnier thing is, we can't finished the meal! Even it is actually for one person meal! What a waste!Photobucket
There is many things I want to write here but why none of them come out to my mind now? Photobucket Well, I want to tell this one particular story, but if I write it here, it will consider as 'mengumpat' right? Because, yes, I want to talk bad about someone, bad bitting but I have to hold on. It is not good for health, right?Photobucket When we are fasting, we have to protect our eyes, our ears, our tongue and prevent from eating and drinking. That is the way of fasting, the true one. Ok, that's all for now I think. Bye, Wassalam and selamat berbuka. Photobucket

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