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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who's in love with assignment??!!

20 August 2009....
Aloha!! Vanakem!! Kombawa!! Sawadikap!! And so on. The level of mood right now is Photobucket. Yesterday I slept at 3 am. Finishing project report and just submit it this morning. When I already thought that I will free from any assignment (even I have to face it later), the other lecturer give the new one Photobucket. I've got a test in a few minute from now. Foundation Quantitative Analysis. Well you can say it is similar with statistic. So, hope I can answer the question correctly and calm (aim to finish the test within 15 minute actually when the actually time duration is one hour and 25 minute). Because my state right now is like this Photobucket.
Ah, the lecturer have come. Will edit it later...Photobucket

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