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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Life is meal, Love is cookies......???

27 August 2009.....


My life principals......(more to what kind of lifestyle that I get through)

1)Will not enjoy do something if been force Photobucket

2)Hate late comers Photobucket

3)Just keep quiet when in a bad mood/angry with somebody Photobucket

4)Will be in a bad mood if don't get enough sleep Photobucket
5)Even the gap only 5 minutes, must use it for sleep Photobucket

6)Don't play sport or game using foots because definitely will be the ultimate reason why the team lose badly Photobucket
7)Will be happy and jump like a monkey if the internet speed is superb! Photobucket

8)Don't like ladies, girls or womans who wearing a hijab as a fashion, not because they have to cover the aurah Photobucket
9)Don't prefer a man who cannot advice and guide his partner about Islam manner Photobucket
10)Easy to change mind in last minute/hesitate Photobucket
11)Paprik is the best lauk in the world. Daisuki!!Photobucket

12)Not talkative/not so friendly. Need someone to approach first, then it will become overfriendly Photobucket

13)Obses with KAT-TUN, DBSK, download jkdrama, jkmusic and everything about Japan and Korea Photobucket
14)Don't believe to ownself intuition (because usually it will not correct) Photobucket
15)Last minute person Photobucket

16)Less emotion/weak in giving expression?? Somehow somebody say I don't give enough expression like they expected from...... Photobucket

17)Lucky girl. Grateful to have my parent, my siblings, my friends, myself, my religion, my world, my education, my...., Photobucket

Well, only 17? Of course not, they have so many more but only this 17 comeout from my mindnow. This is life, right? Either you like it or not like it, you will get through just fine. And it is not right if you end your life just because you face some difficulty. I always remind to myself everytime I do something worst, there will be someone who did more worst than I am but it doesn't mean that I will continue making worst. It will encourage me to be a better person next time. I never had in my mind once that my existence in this world is useless and go die! Every little things in this world is worthy even just a bacteria. I'm so happy today actually because I get FULL MARK in my Database lab test! Horray!Photobucket I'm so happy because last night my mood is very bad because someone act cruel to me and Aimi. It's really not fair when they just want to finish their job but then at the same time, make our job become harded. When we cannot finish on time, looks like they blame us. The problem here is, they just too selfish. It is good that this month is Ramadhan and as I wrote here, I will just keep quiet when I angry.

Ok, stop here. Happy berbuka and Wassalam Photobucket

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