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Sunday, October 9, 2011



I just finish watching Al-Hijab. New Malay movie director by Pierre Andre. Watching this with kak su, my two younger sisters and my little brother. Time specific at 10.45 pm at BP Mall. Well, i really like horror movie but this movie totally ass kick! The feeling already there at the beginning of story. Totally terrific! ...I mean exclude how this story end bcoz it ruin my expectations to see a good ending honestly. But the main point is still there. However, among all the Pierre movie, i can see that all the heroin does have the problem with their acting. Pierre acting is ok but the heroins will be lack over here and there. I'm quite scared too in certain scene and this movie manage to make me close my eyes..huhuhu...too scared..!
Anyway, congratz Pierre! I do agree with Tun Mahathir saying that Malaysia have to many horror movie and it kind of not good to the new generation however, Al-Hijab basically not about only ghost, it is about fact where Allah put hijab to human to protect us from seeing something we should not see and also we should believe that not only what we can see is exist in this world. 
Try watch this is u're a fans of horror movie. Like i said before, exclude the ending, this movie is terrific and awesome...

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