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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodbye Sweethome.......

8 July 2009....

Recently I'm really into 2NE1, a new korean girls group. There are four members in it, CL Photobucket ,Minji/Minzy Photobucket , Dara Photobucket and ParkBom Photobucket . Their songs is great. My favorite is FIRE. This group totally 'unique'. Their style, their performance and their voice really looks and sound fresh but definitely not suitable to apply in this country. People may look at you like this Photobucket .

This Friday I will going back to my university. So am I like this Photobucket or this Photobucket or this Photobucket ? I can say that I will feel quite different from before for this new semester. Hope that I can increase my pointer and manage my time properly.

Ah, last Monday, I together with my mom went to several places. My mom on leave on that day. So, she use that day to settle some payments and then buy a fabrics for Eid-ul-Fitr. Our color theme for this year is blue. My mom thought that my dad's color fabric is dark blue. So, she buy a dark blue fabric for my brothers but after we get back home, the fabric is actually light blue! My mom say 'Just let it be, it still blue'. Well, it is like a tradition to us, not just us I think most of family whom celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr will have a same color cloths especially the dad and their sons. So, it looks like this year, we have to break that tradition Photobucket. I too pick one fabric and have to pick another two for my young sisters. I asking my mom, 'how about angah?'. Then she say, just let her buy for herself. The assistant who help us is really nice. She is cute and talkative. Even most of her choices of fabric been rejected by us Photobucket . So, we ended up buy 7 fabrics. Finally I can wear black baju kurung for next time. Both of us, my mom and I also buy another one fabric which is black and white fabric. I always want to have that color for my baju kurung but my mom always say it is not suitable with my colorskin. Well, I'm a little bit darken Photobucket but I cannot change my taste. My favorite color is green and black or any color that look dark. Ok, just forget about it.

Stop mumbling here, Wassalam and Photobucket .

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  1. amboi, sampai hati xbeli utk angah sekali..hahaha..xpe2..nanti angah beli baju yg lagi lawa..huhuhu..