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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bring it on....!!!

30 July 2009....

I think this is 5th or sixth times I write this entry back because of the online problem and the entry before cannot be save Photobucket.
ok, what should I write here..... This is my 3rd weeks here. I take 7 subject for this semester. Original is 8 subject but then I drop one. My earlier class will be at 9 am and ended the class at 5 pm Photobucket . Overall I enjoy all the classes Photobucket. So, I hope I can gain 3 and above pointer for this sem. Well, some people say that we can get an excellent result if we like the lecturer right? I hope it applies to me too. Last Sunday, 26 July, I went to Chamang Waterfall. It is for induction...what bla...bla.... they say if we don't go, they will delete our name from Confest committee Photobucket. Then, on that day, sharp at 7 am, I and my friend wait at the main stair but no one is there until 8 am. We get in the bus at around 8.30 am. It really ruined my mood at that time Photobucket. I hate late comers and I don't know why they can come late when we already told them at what time we should be gather.
At there, nothing special. A river, waterfall, groups activities, bbq, eat, play, have fun, nothing less, nothing more. We arrived back at university around 6 pm. Really tired at that time. But then it makes me think, 'ok, actually I can skip that induction because not everyone comes' Photobucket BAAAKKAAAA!!!!
Emmm,what else? Ah, the connection here it too bad and 'bengong'. And I receive tha anwer for the job but I can't take it because that job need me to work at Hari Raya too. I call my dad to confirm the date of Hari raya and guess what? My dad say 'DON'T WORK!' Photobucket. Well, not that I'm sad because I can't get the job but I frustrated because if I accept to work during hari raya I can start the work in this 1st August. Meanwhile, if I can't make it on that week they cannot accept me even I ask to work only on particular time Photobucket. So, I miss my chance to get my own profit. Very frustrated and I sleep earlier yesterday. Immediatelly after I perform Isya' prayer because of that event.
Ok, my next class will start soon. See you next entry! Wassalam! Photobucket

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  1. weh....ko xkerha la ni...
    a'ah ak pun da problem nsak log in kat blogspot..