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Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting annoying with my own race?

29 June 2009...
Assalammualaikum Photobucket

I just came back from Melaka. Last Friday I pick up Achik from her school and Wan also to go to BP. At the same day, I went to my brother's school to take a report card. Well, I'm the only one who had a lot of free time in this house right? Photobucket . My older sister also came back home. Then, on Saturday, we went to Melaka. My father say he want to treat us a dinner Photobucket . IKAN BAKAR!! So, we arrived at my father's house around 8 pm I think. So, perform Maghrib and Isya' prayer first. After that, went to usually place but unfortunately that place had already close(totally close!) . We went to other places. If I not mistkae, Restoren Ikan Bakar Terapung. There are many ikan bakar stalls in that one place. Very crowded!

Most of the customer are Malay. Not that I have a problem with Malay but there are totally make me pissed Photobucket ! Ok, my father choose one of the stall and at that time almost all the table from that stall are full. Only one table is empty but it is for four person. So, while my parent order the food, I ask Wan to sit at that table first. Beside of that table have a Malay couple. When I want to sit too, the man suddenly grab the chair beside him to make it close to him. Yes, the chair is actually their chair because they sit at four person table. What make me piss is, how many of them? Just two right? So, why they need an extra chair? Furthermore, I don't want that chair ok! Then, the girl give her bf/ whoever he is her bag and that man put it at that empty chair. Ok, fine, whatever Photobucket! I really don't like his gf. The girl wear shortsleeves, rather to say no sleeve shirt and then wear a scarf. Why Malay and Muslim girls today make fun with a scarf/tudung? It is better if she don't wear scarf/tudung if they want to wear that kind of shirt. When we talk about aurah, it is not just a hair. Aurah is we covering our body except our palm and face. So, when we wear a scarf/tudung, we have to cover our neck and chest too. Don't wear a transparent cloths too because it is just the same if you don't wear anything. You still make the others saw a certain part of your body. But well, youngest mind now a day think, as long as they cover their hair, it's ok. MAZHAB MANA YANG DIORANG PAKAI?!

One more thing, about Malay too. This evening I sent Achik back to her school. So in the way to go back to BP, already arrived at BP, there are one couple who ride a motocycle. Without knowing the reason, they suddenly yell at me. So, I was like, "What the ****?" Seriously I don't know why. Then they keep hon at me. Hello, what is your problem?! I raise my car speed and they keep hon.......I'm really pissed! Especially when the girl show unappropriate language using her fingers at me. Well, they are Malay. So, what can I say? Just think about it by yourself Photobucket .

I don't want to hate my own race. I just dissapointed how Malay today. I definitely will give an example using our politics situation but I don't want to talk about it here. Wrong timing, I will get caught Photobucket . That's why I really aim to be a part of masscomm Photobucket .

But I know I can't judge people based on only one or two person. I believe they still have many Malay people who have kindheart. I didn't say I'm a kind person but I didn't really think I'm a bad person too Photobucket . So I hope my own race can improve each other relationship, help each other, don't hate each other and so many things. I really hope.....

Alright, until now, Wassalam Photobucket

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  1. uda block jln die x?...abis tu nape xpsl2 die nk hon..