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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Using ITunes for the 1st time....


Well, hello there!! I'm excited now coz i can finally buy Test Drive by Jin Akanishi from iTunes that will come out this 8th nov! This is my first time using iTunes and it's quite difficult since Jin's song will only release in U.S, and i need US account. So, i went through some tutorial made by others Jin's fans. With that, i manage to create US aacount for iTunes. Second problem is, i need to have Gift Card to buy it, since i'm not in US.
I'm trying to find out easier way to buy Gift Card. Some fans advice me to buy it in any Apple Store, or buy it online. Somehow i dun know where to find any near Apple Store.
So, i found out this website --> . It say i can have Gift Card pin immediately after i buy it. However, i try to buy it using credit card but it looks like it does not accept my credit card. Then i wonder, how can i buy it? I read some instructions and it turns out that i can use 7Eleven as method of payment. Honestly i dun understand at first. But then, it's quite easy when i know exactly how to use it, more easy than credit card i guess if u have money in hand. You must register at that website first. Then, go to any near 7Eleven and ask for MOL reload just like u request for mobile reload. They will giv u a receipt contain of serial number and pin number. After that u can go to website back and enter the reload serial number and pin number. Then,walla! You can buy Gift Card straight away after that. Because it is easy to find 7Eleven around me,so, i guess this method is much more easier to me.
Then, this is my account iTunes with $15 balance in it ^_^
FINALLY i can buy Jin's first US single!! Fuih, i really thought i can't make it! I really want Jin to success in US and also in Japan. To make it happen, as his fans, this is the correct way to support him. I hope others Jin's fans will not share his single since this will effect Jin's single sales. Ah, i'm also already order Jin's mini album that will come out this 7th Dec. Emm...this is actually my first time buy his stuff since he went solo. I didn't manage to buy Eternal/Yellow Gold Tour 3011 previously. I hope i can continue supporting him. Good Luck Jin!!
His latest interview below...

He will appear in Kollaboration 11 today but i'm not sure what time according to Malaysia time. He will meet with G.Na!! I love G.Na too! Need to here some fan report after this!

Ok, until now,Wassalam!!

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