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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


16 December 2009....


It's been long time I did not update my blog. I'm really tiring right now. Starting this Thursday, I represent my mahallah as a basketball player. We already started training since last week. I'm a captain for my team. Every evening or night, we have a training including today but today I want to go out to buy our jersey, black one and sleeveless(betul ker eja?). Yesterday I already went out. Only to survey and today want to buy it.

Two nights ago, I dream about my late grandfather. I can see his face clearly and in my dream, he bought a gold ring for my grandmother. My grandmother is not there but I know that ring is for her. The funny thing is, I busy searching for jersey in that dream, hehehehe. You can see how I really want a jersey till I dream about it.

Tonight I will attend Nazrey's concert. Ex-member of Raihan. Only RM5 for the ticket because I'm student.

Have to go now. Class already started!!

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