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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I is Me, Me is I.... What?

Assalammualaikum and good day everyone!

It almost 5 months since i wrote my latest post. Alhamdulillah, i'm still here to cont. my life. As i already become an employee, now i can do anything i want, buy whatever i want and do whatever i want ^_^. Still, i miss my old days as a students either it is as primary, 2ndary or university students. But i guess my life as university students is the most precious one. i can suddenly skip classes, sleep and go somewhere whenever i want. i think the most unfortunate for me as university students is because i dun hav enough money,hahhahaah!

Well, Aidilfitri is already gone, Merdeka already in past and Hari Malaysia are 4 days ago. So,selamat,selamat,selamat jer lah yg bleh aku wish. Ok, what story i wan to write?.... Let's start from recent to oldies.

Yesterday i saw this one tumblr account. He is fashion designer i assume. So, when i saw his sketches, it giv me memories of 2ndary school. I do hav dream to become fashion designer one day and i had asked my counselling teacher at that time bout which university should i proceed to make my dream as fashion designer come true. However, i definitely aware that my parent will surely not liking this dream. For them, something that involving art is actually fit more as a hobbies, not a carrier. So, when i think bout it back, luckily i'm not a stubborn person where mayb i will throw a tantrum if my parents prevent me from achieving my dream as a fashion designer. I'm glad to be me now. Other than fashion designer, i do wish to become a writer.

Oh, ok, my younger sister, Achik/Fatin/Adilah... we does hav many nicknames,all of my siblings including me. Achik manage to further her study at Indonesia. Universitas Hasanuddin....yeah, i think that's the name of university. She also get an offer from UiTM for Science Forensic course but then my dad ask her to choose Indonesia. Well, at 1st i kind of feel worried coz, yeah, u know, indonesia.... but she already there now, so, i will always pray the best for her. GOOD LUCK,ACHIK! LOVE U!

My hubby still in hiatus..... JIN AKANISHI of course, who else :p. Meisa might deliver the baby this end of sept or earlier oct. Always waiting for his comeback.... This is kind of longer than his 1st hiatus when he studied at L.A.

Oh, should i write what happen to Malaysia currently? Yeah, mostly bout politics. I guess when PRU get near, all parties bcome aggressive. Attack here, attack there. Even with the small matter bcome big for them, all bcoz of politics. You heard/read the story bout Abby? It's good when she decided to change, wear hijab become a good muslimah but what i dun like is when she used that changes for politics. I dun wan our religion which Islam become a tool as politic games. Very much dun like. And u dun hav to tell to the world u support this party,u support that party. Isn't 'Undi ada adalah rahsia', so, x yah lah nk hebah-hebah kan sangat pun.

Oh God! I just get called by my boss and he wan to giv me n other officemate a tasks regarding javascript tomorrow.... So, i need to study bout it. 

Ok, i stop here. Wassalam.

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