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Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm still breathing... ^_^

Assalammualaikum and good day...

YES! I'm still breathing and cont. living with full of happiness...darkness....bitterness...and what so ever. It's been 5 months right? WHAT'S UP,GUYS?!

Ok,ok, straight to the story. I finally graduated from my long duration studies (fuh! *kesat peluh*). On March 2012, I officially graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia and InsyaAllah my convocation will be held on Oct. maybe early Oct 2012. However, before that, I wan 2 tell that I actually 'terkantoi' one paper on my last semester which is Mathematic Statistic... It's my elective subject. I failed with 'jayanya' ^_^. It's expected since I'm so weak when it comes to Math. So, with that I had been put as 'special case' students where I can resit the paper without need to go through one semester again. At first I wan 2 change the subject since it is one elective subject for my course but I need 2 extend another one semester. Fortunately I take a challenge to resit Mathematic Statistic paper (itupun lepas kena berleter ngan ibu n ayah). And Alhamdulillah I pass (after disturbing my Math Stat lecture of course to give easy questions :p). With that, I manage to graduate....late for two months as plan.

Then, after I graduate, like others graduate students, I become 'penganggur' at my house. More specific, I become 'bibik' at my house, take care of my sisters and brothers....and house(which is become more worst under my care). So, during that 'vacation', I work hard finding a job from jobstreet, newspaper, subscribe blog jawatankosongkerajaan. I do wan 2 cont. with master but I think it is enough for me 2 only depends on my parents. I still have 2 sisters and 1 brothers. My dad need 2 take care of them so, it is better for me 2 start working and repay my parent ^_^. Any vacancy job that fit with my knowledge, I apply it right away, either it is online or form 2 be post.

ALHAMDULILLAH,ALHAMDULILLAH, after one months, I got a job. Syukur yg teramat. I received an interview from Media Digital Alliance which located in UPM-MTDC. Before this interview, I had been...emm...3,4 interviewed and all of them need me 2 write a code T_T. So, I went 2 Media Digital Alliance interview without any high hope, just go,answer the question and then return 2 Batu Pahat. The day after tomorrow, I got an answer that state....I got the job. It call as 'Junior Programmer' but when I report, my agreement paper write as 'Software Engineer'. It almost one month now I work here. I've got 3 months probation. Almost like contract,so if they still wan me in company, they will extend the duration, if not, I have 2 quit maybe.

I have fun here working with coding but I need 2 check my eyes soon T_T. Wish me luck! Aaa..right now my family are at Mecca. They went 2 umrah for this school holiday till 6 june. Original plan is I will go there too if I dun get the job but looks like I got a job n hav 2 let go this 2nd chance 2 visit Mecca. InsyaAllah, I wan 2 go there again with my own saving....performing Haj first.

Ok,Wassalam! Again, I might not update this blog frequently,so, faham2 jer lah ^_^

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