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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello World!

19 May 2011...
Assalammualaikum and good afternoon...

Alrite, i have a story today...maybe two,three stories...Want to know about it? Let's continue readingPhotobucket.

Ok, first story that i want to share is currently i'm in practical for 5 months and two weeks at my hometown, Batu Pahat. The place is UTHM....full name Tun Hussein Onn University Malaysia, being placed at Public Relations department. salary of course but the good news is, no one would expect me to do something obvious like a system or whatever. Yes, i got project from my practical supervisor but yeah...i will try my best to do itPhotobucket. Usually i will wake up at 5.30/6.00 am something, then take a bath, ironing cloths(very rarely) then went to work aroung 7.00 am. I miss my sleeping days....Photobucket. Really cannot wait for a new semester!Photobucket. I can sleep and wake up anytime i want!!Photobucket.

Second story, i'm happy and anxious when my older brother finally said that he want to marry[IMG][/IMG]. So, last Saturday, my family came to the future bride house for 'merisik' and discuss about the date, dowry and some other things. But the funny thing is, nothing being decided after that! So, no date yet, no amount of dowry yet....nothing had been done except we already 'merisik' the girl. Actually i turn out to know that my brother always went to the girl's family frequently at Putrajaya. Ok, i know it is near his house but i can count just how much he brought that girl to see my family. Two times maybe? I don't want to see like my parent being neglected and i dun want my brother only take care of the girl's family. But, comment!Photobucket.

Third story, InsyaAllah i want to berpoya-poya with my sisters next 28 May at Putrajaya. They say SuJu make a free concert? So, we just take a chance and want to watch the show. Last time i went with my friends to KLCC to watch Wonder Girl free performance. Very excited till midnight. Luckily we got to IIUM back before 12midnight. But very tired maa...Photobucket. Last weekends went to Putrajaya to merisik, this week will go to Puncak Alam to send my sister, the next week will got to my brother's house again to watch free concert! But i guarantee the concert will be very2 pack with teenagers becoz that is for 'Hari Belia Malaysia'.....btul ker?

Itu jer lah. Kalo ada, sambung lain hari. Wassalam...Photobucket

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  1. oit update blog..huhu..xde keje eik?ak pun lbey kurang je...dok PR gak kan...same r..