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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Omodetto Jin!!

03 March 2011...

It's been quite a time i didn't write anything here. First of all, i want to scream with joy for my beloved singer, JIN AKANISHI who make a first debut yesterday and his single manage to sale approximately 161k on first day!! Ok, for someone who familiar to Japan entertainment, 161k is consider as a very good number especially for solo artist. And to say both of the songs Eternal and Murasaki is an old songs from him, i'm surprise with that number. Honestly i thought it will be only 5 digit/40k maybe.

After what happen to him and KUNTT, i'm not putting a high hope for this single because yeah, everyone already know the songs, so, it is high chances people want to buy it. Furthermore, most of people thought that Jin has lost his fans since he left KUNTT. But i guess, Jin gain more fans rather than lose it.

When people say Eternal have a high sales because it have four versions of it, not because Jin have many fans. Well, that is subjective in my opinion. To compare with KUNTT that have five members in total and might be only 2 or 3 version available, why they don't manage to maintain the sales? They are five you know while Jin is solo. Even Jin get 2 or 3 version, the sale itself will not reflect him too much because single sales for solo usually 5 digit...

Ahhh, this was a great news and i'm happy as Jin make his haters cried hard frustrated to see how successful he is now. I cannot help from making a comparison between Jin and KUNTT. KAT-TUN pevious singles and KUNTT singles after Jin left sales lower than this in their first day sales except RF, BNM and DUES. Include Bandage, Jin also manage to over sale his previous single. Moreover, Murasaki and Eternal was composed by him, so it likes double happiness to watch Jin success as singer and as a composer too. Hope he will make a beautiful song again for the next single and i do hope for energy songs where Jin can dance in MV.

I'm so happy and to remind others, I'm Jin proud fans!!


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