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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm Akanishi Jin's fans, not Kat-Tun's fans......

16 June 2010,

I might want to make some corrections or just to highlight something to make people know a little detail about me.

The one who introduce me to Kat-Tun is Jin and i thought that i'm one of Kat-Tun's fans since Jin is one of the members. But i realize that i'm not prefer Kat-Tun. My attention, my focus only for Jin. I my self quite shock that other members can't grab any of my interest. So, when Jin get a chance to have a performance in LA and leave Kat-tun for a while, i stop from listen to Kat-Tun next songs immediately. Seriously I have trouble to continue my support to Kat-Tun without Jin......

I had try to watch their Going and NMP pv to gain some interest but i failed totally. I'm the one who is failed, not Kat-Tun. Do i hate Kat-Tun so much? I don't because I like Bokura no Machida and Ush...(i don't remember the title. The sing it as the last song in Cartoon Kat-Tun II concert i think). But somehow, whenever Jin is not around, i don't really care about them. Some say that NMP is a awesome song and Kat-Tun have improve but when i watch the pv, it does not looks like what they say. Which part that they have improved? dancing? auto-tune? make up? costumes? face impressions?

The pv is better than the previous pv, i have to admit that. So, it makes me think, why the PV is so excellent when Jin is not around? As a Jin's fans, i have my own ideas. it makes me think that Kt-tun need to show how well they did without Jin, so people will still favor them. Ah, someone must have this thing in their mind about me, 'did i become so irritated because Jin is not there? because your favorite member is not there? because Kt-Tun is awesome without Jin?' . Somehow, yes because Johnny don't really care about Kat-Tun when Jin is there. What do i mean by this? Because Jin is there and it is enough to make a simple or easy music for them without really mind to do any changes or spend a lot of money. Fans will definitely buy whatever rubbish that Kat-Tun produce.

Seriously, this never happen to my other favorite group, Tohoshinki and Big Bang. Jaejoong and Daesung is my favorite for each group but I support them as a group even they are not five. It only happen to Kat-Tun and I only support them when Jin is there.
So, i have to make it clear that i'm Jin's fans, not Kat-Tun's fans. So i do have the right to support Jin and wish him for the best in everything he did.

possibility that i will get stab/kick/punch by many people when they read this might be high. i don't mind since i always get 'hard reply' each time i show my support toward Jin, not Kat-Tun. And remember, if you want to blame someone, blame me, not Jin because I'm the one who make this. Feel free to do whatever you want ^_^

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