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Monday, January 18, 2010

Over excited!!!

18 January 2009....

Please somebody help! I have a serious problem which is, I become so excited over something that actually not so important. Can guess what? Yes! AKANISHI JIN! Seriously, I don't know why I become so obsessed about him, every little thing about him. This is the second time I become like this. First with Dato' Siti Nurhaliza but that is in the past. I still can't believe that time where I don't mind to buy and collect any magazine and paper if she is in even just a small article. I can say almost one big box get full by all Siti stuff but right now, that box is in my house store.
However, I became Siti's fans since I'm in standard six until she get married. After that, I just become an ordinary fans. Not care anymore to collect or buy anything about her. However recently I just buy SITI and KD album ^_^.

Then, Akanishi Jin come to my life at the end of 2007. All because I watch Gokusen 2. Just imagine if I don't watch that drama, my life will not be so miserable like now. For me, Jin is a guy who got his own attraction. He is a stupid man with a handsome face and nice body. He is well known as 'Bakanishi' which mean stupid Akanishi because of his child act when he was young, when he was still a trainee in Johnny. Another thing why I like him just I like Siti is because both have a nice and power voice. I adore him as a singer.

Ok, back to the topic. Why I'm over excited? Jin's film which is BandAge, I already mention this before already take place. I read some report from people who watch this movie and almost of them agree that the movie is good! That's why I anticipated to watch it too but it is impossible to watch it here, in Malaysia! They all say that Jin's character is so realistic and he had done a good work. I didn't expect anything from him when it comes to acting because Jin is not an actor, he is a singer. So, when I read this all good things, it is not something weird that I become like this! Oh God!! I cannot stop my fingers right now but I don't have any idea what to write!

Today I don't come to class a whole day. I got stomachache and still right now. Tomorrow I get an exam. Wish me luck. ok, until now. Wassalam.

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